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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Retrospect

I have done these the past two years and I do actually enjoy it, pain in the butt as it may be! Check out 2010 and 2011 if you're interested.


Ryan returns to 29 Palms after the new year and I become a single puppy mommy to Rylie. I almost break down after the first night. But it is funny now...
I get into a routine with Rylie and finally sleep again. Man that was a rocky start!
I actually discuss a hot button topic, a rarity for me.
It is a small world and a smaller Marine Corps. Priorities.
I am so unbelievably lucky. This may have been one of my hardest blogs to write but it one of my top favorites now. If you read anything in this post, read this one.


Just as I hit my stride with Rylie she gets sick and I feel like a bad puppy mom again.
We find out we are moving to Camp LeJeune North Carolina when Ryan graduates.
I spend Valentine's Day with a porker pup at the vet... she was a good date! Just a check up!
Ryan catches up to me and turns 24. I fly out to Vegas for the long weekend and to see him around his birthday time. Roulette, gucci and cirque du soleil make a great weekend!
I hit the one year mark post surgery of my breast reduction.
I discuss buying our house and the crazy way we did it, sight unseen.


Carrie and I attend the Alexandria Saint Patrick's Day Parade.
My Uncle Dave comes to visit and takes Rylie and I on a photo tour of the monuments.
My second article is published on SpouseBUZZ.
I get my first of what will be many cases of writer's block.
Rylie hurts her leg, once again hitting the little puppy mom confidence I have.


My mom and I go to New Jersey with Rylie for Easter. Too busy to blog now but I get to it a month later!
I travel to 29 Palms to be a guest speaker at SpouseBUZZ Live! And I get to see Ryan!
We begin our PCS so I have guest bloggers including, My Mom, Handling with Grace, and Mommy Musings.

Ryan and Rylie and I are all reunited and we PCS! And it takes lots of blogging as we super speed fix up our new house.


We continue to settle in to our new house with lots of yard work, decorating, and picture hanging.
We celebrate our second wedding anniversary at the beach! A perk to this new duty station!
Rylie goes to the beach for the first time.
I do the Milspouse Blog Hop of 2012
My Coca Cola Bathroom comes together after lots of work and waiting
For the first time we spend Mother's Day with BOTH of our mom's at Ryan's family's house in SC.

I get "homesick" for Alexandria, my job and DC.
We start working out and eating right which leads me to an I Love Lucy -esque expidetion to find a fish.
I talk about Memorial Day

Ryan goes into the field for a week so I drive out to Western NC to see my family for a mini vacation.
The last of our new furniture finally arrives.
I do my first book review on a book I normally wouldn't pick out myself but loved it.
The Dup gets VERY destructive.
I Bug Out a little... and a snake.
I write my last SpouseBUZZ article for some time, writers block indeed.


Our family goes through a rough time for a bit.
We spend the 4th of July weekend in Charleston, SC.
I get a little pissy about an article on jobs for milspouses.
And I get pretty down for a bit. July was a roller coaster for me for sure. My blog started taking it's hit around this time.


My grandparents have their 65th wedding anniversary and my Poppy turns 90. So we took a huge trip up to NJ at the end of July/beginning of August and I blog a lot about it. Part 1 - Coney Island. Part 2 - Poppy's 90th Birthday. Part 3 - Babci and Poppy's Anniversary with a quick trip to Alexandria on the way home!

We go to the beach, collect shark teeth, and hit up the Shrimp Festival with Nicole and Danny. We do stuff!
My routine changes. I start ballet with Breanna and I get cast as Mollie in The Mousetrap at the community theatre!!!!
I start rehearsals and meet new people and get to act again. Hooray! And I donate blood and nearly pass out at one of said rehearsals. Oops!


We go to New Bern for the first time and our first wedding since our own!
I turn 25 and hit my quarter century mark. And my birthday party rocks.
I hit another rut of sorts.


I try to prompt myself to blog with Wishful Wednesdays. Doesn't last long.
We visit Ryan's family over Columbas Day weekend.
We go to the Mum Fest in New Bern. Amazing.

The Mousetrap has opening night!

 And one or two SNAFUs along the way.
My mom comes for the show and stays a week... we go to the beach and hang out and Rylie turns one!
Hurricane Sandy barely touches here, just wind, but hits my home state of Jersey really hard. Ryan is in Louisiana visiting a friend.
We spend Halloween at home with sadly not many trick or treaters.


Ryan and I have a blast at the St. Stan's Polish Festival.
I wait in line a LONG time to vote.
We spend a weekend in the mountains visiting my parents.

The 237th USMC Birthday Ball... great time!


I blog about November! Thanksgiving 2012 in SC with Ryan's family.
A Day in the Life of a TV Extra also happened in November, oops.

I get my first job interview since moving... fingers crossed!!!
We spend Christmas 2012 with my family in the mountains.

And obviously we all survived the Mayans! Well, I hope we did, because this is a pre-published post and I will feel silly writing this if we didn't.

2012 had its ups and sadly a few downs, but I have the highest of hopes for 2013. Happy New Year!

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