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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mom's Visit

My mom made the seven hour trip to come see me act in the show and it was great to have some time with her! We managed to do a nice bit of shopping and my mantle looks so wonderfully fall-y right now!
I also got some nice fall sweaters and plaid shirts that I have been wearing regardless of the 80 degree weather.

My mom came to the show Saturday and on Sunday she stayed home and set the mantle up for me. We all went to Texas Roadhouse Sunday night for dinner and celebrated with a nice big drink!

Monday we hung around the house and I fianlly got to sleep in a bit. I did a quick commissary run and we then drove down to Surf City to have a late lunch/early dinner at Buddy's. There was practically no one there and we got a choice table right on the ocean side deck.

The view from our table. Pretty spectacular. After we filled up on crab legs (my usual) and delicious New England Clam Chowder we took a walk down the beach. Tons of people were out fishing and we had a really great evening with a spectacular sunset.
 Evidence of my new plaid shirt! It worked at the water as it did get cooler as the sun went down.

While we were at the beach my mom presented me with a business idea for the two of us. My dad is in the same boat as Ryan and we have a pretty good idea in mind. We have some research to do but I am excited for the first time in ages about even the possibility. If it works out I will be sure to fill you all in! Fingers crossed for us!

Tuesday we went and got pedicures and then drove into New Bern. We spoiled Rylie a bit and got her some things for her birthday and we had a really good breakfast for lunch. At home I made my first ever roast chicken and we all had a great dinner together before I went to ballet.

My mom left yesterday morning and Ryan left for Louisiana to visit his best friend last night. For the first time in seven weeks I am home, not at rehearsal, and my husband is gone :P Go figure. I already am bored as can be and dont know what to do with myself. Ugh. I had plans to meet up with people this weekend but with Hurricane Sandy possibly coming through that may not work out.

And today Rylie girl is ONE! The Dup is officially stepping out of puppydom... sort of. We celebrated before Ryan left and gave her some yummy treats and a cute birthday bandana.
She was pretty excited!

Well.... that is all for now I suppose. Glad my blog is finally slowly coming back to life. I even wrote my first spousebuzz article in ages. Check it out!


  1. Moms are seriously the best.

  2. It can be such a gift to have your mom visit. I know I enjoy it since I don't get to see my mom often.

  3. Awesome trip! I wish I had a mom like that ;)


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