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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This year Mother's Day was pretty special.... I actually got to spend it with my mom and mother-in-law! I haven't had a Mother's Day with my mom since 2005. College always ran later than Mother's Day, usually it was finals week! In 2010 I was on my honeymoon and 2011 I was living in Virginia, still a bit of a trek for us to go for the weeked with work the next day. Now that we live in North Carolina Ryan's family is about four and a half hours away and my family lives only three hours from them. Sadly my family is still six or so hours across the state, but South Carolina is a good middle meeting spot!

Ryan was on 'house hunting' leave last week (even though he took leave previously and were settled, he still rated it and they told him to take it!) so we drove down to South Carolina on Friday morning. We packed the pup in the car and began our drive. It was mostly through farmland, no big interstates for us until more than halfway through the drive. We got to South Carolina in the afternoon and had lunch with Ryan's grandmother and spent a few hours with her. Then we went to my inlaw's.

My inlaw's are always a fun trip, usually coupled with bottles of wine and long talking sessions on the screened in porch. Lightweight me definitely overdid it the first night and I was in bed early... and the bed kept trying to toss me out! Five glasses of wine will do that to someone with very low tolerance. We spent time with Amy, my mother in law, and Hannah my sister in law. Other various relatives visited throughout the weekend and it was terrific seeing everyone.

My family came in on Sunday afternoon, we had a nice brunch and then made our way to Sumo's for hibachi, our gift to our mom's. We had a great time as our chef was hilarious! It was the first time since our wedding two years ago that our families were in the same room! It went very well.

Monday we drove back and resettled into the house. Ryan is now back at work and I am working on my blog and reaching out to some casting agencies for extras work.... I'll keep you all posted on that!!

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  1. I really love the way you write. I have only been following you for maybe a little over a month or so and I feel like I know you from the way your write :) keep up the good work. and I'm glad your got to be with all your mothers on mother's day!

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