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Friday, September 7, 2012

New Bern and a Wedding

Last weekend we got ourselves out of the house again!

Saturday was spent cleaning and doing yard work, but we finally made our way to downtown New Bern for a visit. We heard it was a lot like Alexandria, a quaint downtown with shops and restaurants and the like. It was cute! Smaller than I thought, but still nice. We have to get there earlier in the day next time though, everything closed at 6pm!

City Hall

Gorgeous outdoor church area

We didn't get to go into the Drug Store where Pepsi was invented as we found it after 6, but its on the list for next time... even though I am definitely a Coca Cola girl. We got some fudge and walked by the yacht club and explored some shops before heading home for burritos and the season premiere of Doctor Who.

Sunday Ryan's good friend Garrett got married! So now all three (Josh, Garrett and Ryan) of the trouble makers from Task Force East are now married. Crazy. These three were joined at the hip when they all went to Iraq in 09 and I hadn't seen Garrett in ages. It was the first time we met Debra, his wife, and she was an absolute doll. The wedding was at a Boat House up in Beaufort and just gorgeous. We got to spend a lot of time with Garrett, which we didn't expect, and there were a few other Marines present so we were good to go!

It was the first wedding Ryan and I have been to since our own and we had a blast. Great food, dancing and socializing! I teared up during the ceremony... all I can figure is since being married hearing someone we care about start that amazing journey just got me all choked up. It is such a big adventure to have! I remembered my own wedding day and the vows and the love.... how can you not choke up!?

Even though it rained as we all arrived (and there ceremony was moved indoors) the sun came out in time to set as the party started!

Ryan and Garrett (and Debra's bridal portrait in the background, perfect!)


Garrett and Ryan doing "Jump On It"

I didn't have my camera so these are just a few I snapped on my iPhone, but it worked!

Rehearsals are going well. I am pretty much off book for Act I (aka I got all my line memorized for Act I) and we start Act II next week. I alternate between thinking I have so much time before the show and no time at all! The cast and crew are terrific though and this is something I have really really really missed. I hope I can continue to do more shows after this one! I do see less of my husband though, especially since he has had an awful cold the past few days and is passed out when I get home! On Wednesday I didn't see him at all since he worked late. At least we are in the same time zone :) It could always be worse.

Aaaaand............ birthday tomorrow! 25!!!!


  1. COOL! I always wondered what New Bern looked like since it is a possible duty station option for us. Thanks for posting :)

  2. Your pictures of New Bern are exactly why I love NC!!! I looooove all the downtown districts and historical sites. LOVE!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! =)


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