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Monday, November 8, 2010

Marine Corps Birthday Ball

EDIT: Read this entry if you want to know the dos and donts of the ball and what to wear!

We have fought in ev'ry clime and place

Oh the ball. We looked forward to it for weeks and... sad to say it the DC ball was not the best this year. We had a good time and enjoyed being there. The ceremony (from what we could see) was nice, but the party itself, eh. Lauren and I went and got out hair done together (after Ryan and I had a nice lunch with my dad, brother, and cousin!) and then I went over to the wrong hotel to get ready. Did you know Crystal City has five Marriotts? And for good measure they are building two more. We had a non refundable, nonexchangable room booked at the wrong hotel. It was maybe two blocks away but across Route One so not walkable. Ah well.

We popped a bottle of champagne and then took a cab over with another couple who were also at the wrong hotel. Apparently there was a free shuttle but they insisted they were taking a cab and were buying, so we took a free cab!

There was mingling and such when we arrived. For how expensive our tickets were this year we thought the bar would be cheaper... it wasn't. $8.50 for a glass of wine, $7 for a mixed drink or a beer. Insane. I had maybe two glasses of wine, Ryan a little more.... ahem. :P Then for the dinner our table was changed from the last time Ryan checked it and one of the couples we were supposed to be with and more of our friends were in the middle of the room, we were in the back. I was glad Lauren and her husband were at our table though, I had someone to talk to I got along with, which was great. Ryan kept saying he was at the kiddy table being the only NCO. We were in the far far back corner right next to the movie screen and kitchen door. I saw almost none of the ceremony, but I heard it. And saw the video.

Oh, the youngest Marine? Born in 1992. I remember 1992. This frightens me!

Anyway, the ceremony was nice. They were extra appreciative in recognizing spouses and Ryan put his hand on my shoulder or waist everytime they did. It made me feel extra special and proud of him! I do what I do because of him. That makes it.

Food was good.

Cake was good.

DJ was awful!!!! I remember two years ago they played a nice mix. Fast party club-esque songs, then a slow song, then party songs, then a slow one. Not one slow song this year. At all. He was trying to remix and failed miserably. We would just be getting into a song and then he would cut it to another one, or turn off the music entirely for an awkward mid jump moment of silence. Needless to say we were out of there by 11:30pm. Sort of depressing! But Ryan's Sgt and his girlfriend came up to our room with us and we shared a bottle of wine. After that they left and off to sleep we went in one of the comfiest beds ever.

I guess you want pictures huh? The cake alone won't cut it! (Haha, get it? Cake? Cut? Ahem. Sorry...)

Check out those dress whites! Only 8th and I ever makes the guys wear their whites to the ball. Usually it is their blues. Whatever. Lauren and I totally coordinated nicely... totally unplanned too!

Me and the hubby. I think this is my favorite picture from that night. We have to wait four-six weeks for our professional shots though... also had to pay up front. Lame again!

At dinner. See those double doors? That would be the kitchen! We got served fast at least!

Getting his groove on early!

That's my hubby. Little party animal.

The ladies with Gunny. He cracks me up! He just walked right over, had Lauren and I each step aside, and posed with us saying, "Smile pretty ladies, make me look good!"

Would be a great picture if my husband smiled!

Manly men, don't you think?

Yea I lost the shoes by the end of the night. Four inchers can only last you so long. I made it at least five songs in though!!

By the way, this is the view of the hotel we were supposed to be at from the hotel we actually were at.

Happy Birthday USMC. 235 years of something definitely worth being proud of! Here is to 235 more. (:


  1. Despite some setbacks it looks like you all had a good time! Very nice dresses!

  2. Gorgeous! The youngest Marine at our ball was also born in 1992. We all made comments about how old we were, then hubby said he was a in college. He won that!

  3. Our ball is Wednesday @5pm, random... but we've been pretty lucky...

    We've always had an open bar cocktail hour and our photographers have our photos done within 1hr of having them taken. I guess we'll see if this ball lives up to the past ones!

  4. How fun! I love to see pictures from the Marine Corps ball. Everyone looks great!


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