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Friday, May 4, 2012

2nd Anniversary

We knew Ryan had to check in on our actual anniversary, so we mostly celebrated it the weekend before. Last year we went traditional with the gifts, your first wedding anniversary is supposed to be paper. I printed one picture from each of the first twelve months we were married and lead it to a book I made him called 100 Reasons Why I Love You (from lovebooks.com, they are awesome). He printed a picture I took of a lady bug and got it matted and framed for me. This year the traditional gift is cloth. So we went to Walmart and got two beach chairs, an umbrella and two beach towels for ourselves as our present. We just got a house, we didn't need to go crazy!

Saturday we made our way to Topsail Beach and had a wonderful time.... can I just say as a Jersey girl it boggled my mind that both parking AND beach access were BOTH FREE??? That doesn't happen down the shore, just sayin'.

 We saw some local wildlife. I can tell you right now if I am swimming and that comes near me I will be out of the water like a shot. I don't do jellyfish. Ugh.

We opted not to swim this time, the water was a little chilly, but we took our shoes off and walked all the way up and down the beach. I forgot how much we love doing that. Anytime we go on vacation we just stroll along the water's edge and talk and laugh, it was so peaceful and just a perfect day. We got ice cream at a little shop that was sinfully good. Their chocolate peanut butter ice cream had legit massive chunks of peanut butter in it! SO so yummy.

After we got back to the car one of my favorite bloggers, Amber at Goodnight Moon, told me via Instagram we had to go to Buddy's for a beer if nothing else. I am glad we did, that place (although a dive) was awesome. We sat outside on the deck near the water and I had some of the BEST crab legs. Oh my it is making me hungry to even think about it!

And corn nuggets.... I had no idea what they were before but I am a huge fan now! We will definitely be going back.

On our actual anniversary I decided to cook a nice dinner for us since I was home all day (aka still unemployed). Unfortunately it was a disaster. I had my pearls and my apron trying to channel my inner Julia Child, Mastering the Art of French Cooking included, and I failed.

The chicken was good at first, the hollindaise sauce became scrambled eggs and ruined. I was out of butter and didn't want to run out to Walmart so I made pasta.... but Ryan didn't get home until after 7! Cliche to work late on your anniversary, but I was just glad I got to spend it with him at all! So the chicken and pasta were dry... he was so sweet saying how good it was but I ate it too! The pie was delicious as was the Rosa Champagne we had after. He also wins the husband of the year award because he acknowledged my obsession with Reese's products.

One of every kind from the store!!! Major brownie points for the husband. Major.

It is so interesting to see how much we have grown in two years, as a couple and individuals. We went from a one bathroom one bedroom apartment in Alexandria VA to a three bedroom two bathroom house in Jacksonville, NC. We have two paid off vehicles that run beautifully. We have a puppy who is wonderful. We survived nine months living apart on opposite coasts. He picked up Sergeant. I learned to be more independent. And we're still here and going strong.

To my best friend and the love of my life (who is sleeping now as he was in the field last night): Two years down, a lifetime to go. I love you Sweetie.


  1. Corn nuggets? Like...hush puppies? And did you know Topsail is the #2 shark infested beach!?

  2. Yay Happy Anniversary, it sounds like you guys have been having a great time!

  3. UMMMM Thanks Nicole....to think We could have lost our 11 year old Golden there last Monday afternoon :-(
    AND our 15 year old son!!
    Okay Allie your mission is to find us another beach that is FREE, CLOSE, ALLOWS DOGS & NOT SHARK INFESTED.......I can still feel my heart pounding away


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