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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mum Fest

Rehearsals are going well. We have officially entered Tech Week... aka Hell Week. So there was rehearsal this morning and run throughs with lights and cues, a "cue to cue" run, and a lot of time of me up on a ladder! When I got home Ryan and I got in the car and headed off to New Bern for the Mum Festival. North Carolina is big on festivals and I was pretty excited for this one! All of New Bern was covered in booths and tents... everything from food to games to sellers to rides. We spent a good bit of money but we planned it in advance so we were prepared!

We arrived in the late afternoon and the place was definitely busy!

Neither of us had really eaten anything big beforehand (luckily!) and the first thing we did after getting a lucky free parking spot was hit the food.

All this for $20! Ryan got a gyro and I got a "steak and cheese" which we swappedx back and forth. Then we got dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) with greek salad and wing chips. Delicious! We found a curb at the bank drive thru and chowed down. Once that was finished Ryan went on a mission to get some fresh lemonade and not have to spend $6 on it. He was gone for awhile and I was starting to get antsy, I had his phone to boot, but he came back with not just lemonade...

He had fried oreos too!!! They are a huge favorite of mine and I rarely get them! I was so excited that I didn't even glance at the $4 lemonade. Good job Sweetie! After we ate about 3,000 calories each we walked around to all the tents and made our way to the rides.

Ryan tried to get me on the ferris wheel but I am terrified of them. It was 4 tickets each and a dollar a ticket so I was not spending $8 to do something I am a little petrified of. Then Ryan made the mistake of talking to the carnies at the games. Big Mistake. We got suckered in to no less than three games.

Check out my $15 bounty! $5 each and if we played just one more time it could have been bigger. No thanks. Ryan caught on and we walked away with the little gang I had collected. We picked up some more food stuffs to take home.

Naturally my husband found the hot sauce guy and bought a bottle of something he had gotten many times before at Firehouse Subs. I also got a box of beer bread from a Tasefully Simple lady after I explained to my husband the concept. We also hit up the NC Lotto area and bought a bunch of scratch offs, won a tshirt and then won back $12! We had maybe a total $2 profit since Ryan used his to buy more but I held on to my bounty proudly.

As the sun and the temperature dropped we made our way back home. I jokingly started to play Pididdle with Ryan in the car and by the time we got back to Jacksonville we were both shoeless, shirtless and Ryan was beltless. Forget mid twenties, we are kids at heart!

Now Ryan grilled up some chicken and we are going to watch the Gamecocks take on LSU. Go Gamecocks!!!!

Happy Weekend all! And thanks for sticking with me in my lack of bloggingness lately. A review and give away will be up shortly as will more information about my show.


  1. How fun! And we totally stalk the hot sauce guy...we buy stuff from him every year!!

  2. I'm always glad that the fair only comes once a year... Fair food is a huge weakness of mine and I would never be able to resist it for long.

    We have a stand that offers deep fried just about anything you can think off and they vary it slightly from year to year. It's trouble! :)


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