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Friday, August 3, 2012

NJ Visit - 1

First off, I have to apologize for the state of my blog lately. It is pretty obvious I have hit a slump, both online and off, but I am working to fix them both. I am still applying to jobs left and right (trying to get a day job specifically.... retail is always there but we are trying to make me not have nights and weekends working... or telemarketing for my own sanity!) and not having the best of luck. There is a job fair for spouses next week on base, so I will be trying that, but two of the maybe four companies I am eligible for I think are call centers. Sigh. I would go insane in less than an hour! I did that sort of work before, and it is so not for me.


Last week Ryan, Rylie and I jumped in the car and drove ten hours up to New Jersey to see my family. My grandparents have some huge milestones in August, on the 9th my grandparents celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary and my grandfather will be 90 on the 21st! So the last weekend in July became our celebration time.... my family came from all over the country. No one was back in school yet and it worked out beautifully. Only three of the fifteen grandkids couldn't make it. In all fairness those three are in California, one is due to have her first baby any day, the other has a toddler who would not have done well on the red eye flight and the other just started clinical hours for her job. We missed them, but this was the biggest gathering our family has had since probably my grandparents 50th!

We got in Thursday night and Ryan, my dad and brother and I made camp at my aunt's house and my mom stayed with the pups at my grandparents house. Rylie did so so well with so many people and being in a semi new place, I was a proud puppy mama! She is only 9 months old so having 30+ people around in one space was definitely a challenge!
Friday we didn't have plans so my dad took us into Coney Island for the day. I may have gone when I was really young but I don't remember it, Ryan and Stefan have never been. We debated going into the City itself but it was just too hot! Dad drove us over the Verazano (*shudder*) and into Coney Island.

 Our first stop was the aquarium. My inner kid LOVES aquariums, so even though it was overpriced and packed with kids on school trips I really enjoyed it. Ryan got in free and we all got a discount just for being with him, but we still had to pay $27 to park and get one ticket! Ugh. We walked around all the different exhibits and elbowed the kids out of the way to get some nice pictures and see the sealife up close. Perks of being an adult, you're tall enough to see over everyone anyway!
We went to the sea lion show too. Of course as soon as we sit on the metal bleachers the sun comes out and slowly roasts us in a huge crowd of people. But the show was really good! I even saw Ryan laugh once or twice.
Just kidding, I'm a Walrus! :P

 By this point we were starving so we hit the boardwalk!

You know you are getting old when you see rides and decide eating is more important and afterwards you are SO full you know if you even go on the ferris wheel you'll get sick! Food won out obviously. We went to the original Nathans and spent way too much money on hot dogs and fries.

That would be a chili cheese dog with sauerkraut and onions. YUM. I also had a corn dog and fries. Yes I felt very sick afterwards.

 We kept walking after lunch and made it out to the pier. Tons of people were fishing and actually catching fish. It was like seeing the old men from the stereotypical stoop chatting about the good old days, except they were fishing while doing it!

 I thought the fishing was neat until I saw this sign.... yikes!! I am of "child bearing age" so no fish for me! And none for Stefan as he is 15!

We ended up driving in horrendous traffic back through the city. I really wanted to stop and walk around, but I was the lone one out. We did get to drive right past the Freedom Tower though!

We got home and had a lazy night watching the Olympics and just vegging out. There may have been a late night dinner at a diner. Just sayin. Wow, this got much longer than planned.... more tomorrow!


  1. I'm in the same slump as you. And I feel like my blog totally reflects that. It sucks. I've applied to a ton of places but I'm kind of refusing to apply to the call centers. They are always hiring though :/ I'm considering the job fair!

    Your trip looks great. I want that hot dog...even though I'm sure I'd feel sick too!

  2. I'll be in that same job dilemma in a few months when we move to Quantico :( I'm not looking forward to the job hunting. I hope you find something soon, and it looks like you had a great time!


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