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Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year is our first Halloween in our new house. In Alexandria we had a locked apartment and never received trick-or-treaters. Most kids in the city went down to King Street anyway, but having a small brick building of four apartments with a locked front door meant no candy searchers. Ryan and I were so excited to have trick-or-treaters but alas our hopes were dashed. We had three groups come by the entire night and maybe seven kids total. Bust. We were in our costumes and everything!

I made a nice roast for dinner and we had hard apple cider in our Halloween glasses and themed music playing with our light up Jack-o-lanterns. I hope the seven kids we had enjoyed it! We should have shoveled out the candy as we now have a ridiculous amount of jolly ranchers and twizzlers left. The Reeses Peanutbutter Cups alas did not survive the week.

This was our spread on a small table outside. We had a small lantern as well. We had set up two chairs and music and everything. Sadly it was in vain. We sat out there for maybe two groups of kids then got cold and just gave up and went inside. Luckily we did as no one else came!
 The Dup joined our Alice and Wonderland theme by being the White Rabbit. She hated her ears and we literally had to bribe her to even sit still for a picture. Once that was done she ripped them off and tried to eat them. Sigh.
 Alice and the Mad Hatter, year two. We are cheap and reuse our costumes and probably will for a few more years. At least it is Alice, I can totally handle that. She was my dream job in Disney :(
 Family photo with a self timer, not our best!
Moooom I don't wanna wear the bunny ears! Wait, is that a Beggin Strip!? Ok, I'll stay for one minute.
Our friends Ben and Chelsea came over that evening to hang out and we all sipped on some beer and watched one of the best episodes of Doctor Who called Blink. It is with the weeping angels (AMAZING) and you don't even have to watch the tv show to follow the episode. It is creepy (but not too creepy for even me, the whimp, to handle) and perfect for Halloween. Even if you do not watch Doctor Who (and you SHOULD) got on Netflix into season two and find the episode Blink. Watch it. You'll become a Whovian before you know it.

So the night wasn't a complete bust, but it would have been nice to have trick-or-treaters! It must be our neighborhood because Ben and Chelsea said they were practically mobbed and Ben had to go on another candy run. We have kids in the neighborhood, I see them playing outside all the time, but I guess they went and got their loot elsewhere....

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  1. I love it!! You guys look fabulous!

  2. YES! Another Doctor Who fan! OMG... I'm, like seriously, a little freaked out by statues now. I'm still a little annoyed about how Rory and Amy left, but I have sort of gotten over it. Crazy Angels. Anyway, loved the costumes and I'm glad you got a few trick-or-treaters at least.

  3. I love that you guys dressed up to handout candy!

  4. Aww I'm sorry! When we lived in Hubert we didn't get any kids either. This year at the new house we had hundreds! But we didn't dress up so you guys rock.

  5. The costumes look great! We had a similar problem... at our last house we used to have 100+ kids, so we were all ready at this house and....9. 9 kids. That's a LOT of extra candy!


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