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Saturday, August 4, 2012

NJ Visit - 2

Saturday we celebrated my Poppy's 90th Birthday! It was so wonderful to see all of my family... it was like the rejuvination boost I desperately needed. My Poppy loves Mexican food, so we had a huge fiesta for him. There were enchiladas and chimichangas and dips and sangria for all! We had sombreros and leis (for some reason?) and a special poncho for Pop to wear throughout the day... and he did!

Ryan finally got to meet two of my cousins from Florida who couldn't come to our wedding and I met my cousin's son Gabriel for the first time. It was also the first time Babci and Poppy were meeting their great-grandson! Gabriel has spinal bifida so traveling wasn't an option for him for a long time, but he flew like a champ and I know it meant the world to Babci and Poppy to finally get to meet him.

This will probably just be a photo bombing post now...

Girls and Babci and Poppy

All the siblings and Babci and Poppy

For as long as I can remember Poppy has his video camera out at family events.

There is food.... so Ryan, Poppy and Dad parked!

Rylie Girl got in on the action. She did leave the lei on all day!

Gabriel and his Great GrandPoppy

SO cute!

My immediate family

Darn camera strap... should have moved it!

Our little family!

EVERYONE!!! Even the pups! My aunt holding Rylie breeds and shows labs, so Rylie listened to her!

Ryan and I with the Birthday Boy

So sweet

This may be my favorite picture. Love them so much.
Make a wish Pop!

All smiles

Then Poppy stopped everything and said, "Wait! The oldest Marine must pass a cake to the youngest Marine!" and handed my husband a piece of cake. Priceless. I didn't get a picture of the pass, too many people in the way, but this is the aftermath. I teared up, it was so touching!

After cake we piled into the living room and watched a photo DVD my aunt and uncle made. It had pictures from Babci and Poppy growing up, some I had never seen before, their kids and then their grandkids. It was remarkable to see them grow old together and the family they made.

 And one more post to come!


  1. Wow! 90 years and he's looking great and happy.

  2. These pictures made me tear up, in a GREAT way! Family fun is the best and what a beautiful couple your Babci and Poppy are! Happy belated 90th birthday to Poppy! =)

  3. That's really sweet! Looks like you have an awesome family! My grandparents were like that, but mine was Army. He isn't with us anymore though.


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