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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: Retrospect

Looking back on 2010


I was newly engaged at the start of the year. I finished up my internship at Walt Disney World and had one of the craziest New Year's Eves ever working crowd control at the fireworks! After the first week of January I moved back home, picked out a wedding dress, and found a temporary job as a pharmacy assistant until the wedding. I was going through lots of medical tests for stomach problems and my mom started a blog. I also changed the name of my blog from Disney and Deployed (as neither one applied anymore!) to My Marine and Me.


Ryan turned 22 and got promoted to Corporal! We both got bombarded with snow. The second blizzard I was visiting him in DC and got trapped when all the trains were cancelled. Oh darn, another night with him :P


I found our apartment via google and Ryan goes to visit, loves it on sight, and signs the lease... before I even visit! We snapped it up! This month was filled with bridesmaid dress fiascos and my lovely surprise Bridal Shower! I also found out I got hired to work at the Summer Camp I had applied to for the summer. Employment! Yes!


It was our first Easter together. I also had a very moving reading at Church I read on Good Friday Mass, but kept it together. We finished up all the last minute wedding plans, I started to organize and pack to move to Virginia. I was still going to the doctor with stomach issues... as I had been since January, but we finally found a medicine that controlled it. Whatever "it" is. Still no idea. Still taking that pill today. I got my first blog awards AND reached my 100th Blog Post! I took my first trip down with my mom to SEE said apartment and move in some of my stuff. I also went down with Ryan to move in some more things. Time seemed to speed up. I was doing Wedding Weather Watches and praying my Wedding Day would be sunny! I finished work at the pharmacy. I had my bachelorette day and suddenly it was the rehearsal dinner!


Obviously the highlight of May... May 1, 2010. Our Wedding and our honeymoon in North Carolina. You can also click the link on the top of my page that says "wedding" to see all the pictures I have posted here. Some were added this week when I was bored at work! Parade Season started as we settled into married life. No cable yet, just games of Scrabble and Rummy! There was also a minor break in in our amazing apartments parking lot... then for memorial day we went to Vrigina Beach and it ended up being one of THOSE vacations. It sucks happening but you just look back and have to laugh!


I started work at the day camp. Long hours, long commute, low pay! We settled further into married life. We bickered. We explored our new neighborhood and fell in love with it, taking long walks every night we could. I hit a small blogging block and was tired from camp (but my co-counselors did rock my socks off). I tried to do a thirty day Meme and failed after a week or two. And we got internet and cable!


Summer continued. We spent our first fourth of July together, DC had an earthquake, Ryan almost got orders, and toyed with CID for a bit. I did my first guest blog for Nicole @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots.


A huge storm hit DC and gave me a scary commute. Finally finished camp. Found an adult job thanks to my friend Meghan! Started working out... hated it. Hurt my elbow. Finished our thank you notes and met a fellow blogger for the first time! Yup, it was Nicole! We met up in Busch Gardens VA.

I also explained what a parade is...


I turned 23, Ryan and I spend my birthday together for the first time. He gives me my amazing camera. I had my first give away hitting 100 followers. Flop. Not thrilled about the long story there. I tried my first Georgetown Cupcake and got hooked on red velvet. Finally saw a doctor about my back. Debated having surgery...


We went to the Renn Fest! Sold my soul to the Magic Flute, an opera for my friend Jay, as the Stage Manager. I got into my first car accident. I started physical therapy for my back. My surgeon said I was a prime candidate for the procedure. Ryan breaks my car a little more. :P


Work. Physical Therapy. My first Thanksgiving with my husband. We went to Great Falls together for the first time since we started dating. Sent out Christmas cards. Work some more... Harry Potter came out! We also went to our second Marine Corps Birthday Ball together.


Our first Christmas together. I get approved for surgery!
We saw the Grinch on ICE! Ryan started re-enlisting slowly and working on getting into intell.... now onto the New Year!!!

I am late! Need to leave work and drive to Jersey. Happy New Year all!

EDIT 12/21/2014 to remove some bad image links that for some reason no longer work!


  1. Man oh man, That is a busy year :)

  2. What a great year you had! I love this post! and I am sure 2011 will be great for you!

  3. YAY for two shoutouts to me! Such a great year!


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