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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birthday Party

My 25th Birthday was honestly the best I think I have had. It was just a wonderful day with great people and good times. I woke up Saturday to breakfast in bed, care of the husband, and it was my favorite! French toast and a cold glass of Diet Coke. Win.

We cleaned and got ready for the party after that. I tackled the inside, he worked on the front and back yard. We started watching the Gamecocks game but got too hungry so we made our way to Wendy's and had a nice lunch in the car together... it doesn't sound like much but we always have fun when we go to fast food places and feast in the car. I guess it is just our thing! Then we went to the party store and got blue plates, cups, napkins, cutlery etc as well as a sash for me and a balloon for the mailbox (that lasted about ten minutes before it vanished).

After that we just had to wait for people to arrive. We made a vodka watermelon (well, we tried) and got the stuff ready to grill and people began showing up. Some of my favorite blogging (and of course now real life friends) Nicole and Breanna came as well as their families. Bre's dog Bo got sufficiently terrorized by Rylie for about twenty minutes before she wore herself out and behaved! We had neighbors, my stage manager Justin, Ben and Chelsea and just a great mix of people and food. It was a lot of fun!

We did a fire in the fire pit at the end of the night and the rain didn't hit until everyone was leaving. Nice timing! We cleaned up a bit and snuggled on the couch to watch the new episode of Doctor Who. It aired at 9 so we missed it but it was on again at 1am and you bet we stayed up for it!

The hat did not last long on Rylie girl....!

Favorite! Yellow cake with chocolate icing and yummy blue letters

I was too distracted to take pictures, but I did get Chelsea and Nicole and I at the end of the night (sorry Bre!) Rylie photobombed


Sunday I enjoyed some of my presents. The wine glass from Breanna, the wine from Miss Donna and the glass chess set from Ryan (I beat him TWICE! A first for sure!). Ryan outdid himself to give me a terrific birthday. Between cooking and knocking presents out of the park I sure know I am a lucky girl. He got me a bag of pure Allie stuff.... tshirts of my favorite things (Mickey, Minnie, Hersheys Chocolate, the Beatles, Coca Cola), three of my favorite candles, a favorite scentsy bar, the chess/checkers set and a silver ring that spells out Love. And a card that made me tear up of course. My parents sent me red neck wine glasses, aka stemmed mason jars, a much needed meat thermometer, and Georgetown Cupcakes which I am trying to make last as long as possible and I am failiny miserably.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and I look forward to what this year will bring!

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