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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disney Face Character Auditions

Ok, I promised so here it goes.

So I picked up my friend Jenny at 8am or so and by 8:30am we were in line. And man was that line long!!! It said we could arrive by 8am and had to be there before 9am to be allowed in. So we got there at the halfway point and we were waaaaay in the back of the line.... see?

That was a whole lot of line. I waited for nearly two hours in that outside line. When I got inside the building finally it was pretty quick. Outside it was tons of all sorts of different people. Some I could see actually being face characters, some I had no idea who the heck they could be! A lot of people were smoking in line too, I was a smoker at that point and I purposely did not light up before going into that audition. That doesn't strike me as a smart idea at all.

When I finally go in they made me take off my shoes and measured me in a small dance studio room thing. They said I was 5'6''.... I am totally 5'7''. But whatever. I signed my name on a piece of paper and got my number, 423. Holy hell. And there were still a lot of people behind me.

Then we got into another small line. Then in groups of 30 we went into another studio and stood in three lines. They played random music, like the Black Eyed Peas? Not sure what that had to do with anything, but yea. So each of the three lines was inspected. A woman walked down the row with a packet/paper, looked at our faces and had us smile at her, wrote stuff down, went to the next person. It was awkward to have someone look at your face, barely glance at the person next at you, nod at some... very nerve wracking. If you pass the face test the next round I believe is trying on the wig and make up for whatever character they think you'd work for. If you pass that then you get to try on the DRESS for said character. If you fit in that then the next round is a movement/dance routine so they see if you're better for meet and greets or parades or shows or whatever.

Out of the 30 people in my room 3 went on to round 2.

I was not one of them.

Yea, as much as you try not to mae it personal it still hurts knowing I failed in the first round because of my face. It can't not hurt a little. I cannot audition for anything again for six months. I shot myself in the foot, I should have totally waited for an audition that had fur characters and parade performers too... just face characters AND an open call like that was stupid of me to do. I should have waited for just a College Program multi-audition.

I was talking to someone in my entertainment class today and she works as a character now. She said from that last audition they had over 800 people come (apparently there were two lines, mine of 500+ and another line of all current character performers trying to bridge the gap to face from fur that was about 300 people) and they took 19. 19 people.


But now you know.

Maybe come April Ryan and I may be moving to California? If he gets stationed there? I can try again in April... and Disney Land is in California.

Oh forget it.

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  1. Bad move on their part! You would have made the best and prettiest Alice (or any other Disney character)!


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