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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poor Pup Pup

Just in case I wasn't sure if Rylie had me in over my head or not she just had to give me a little nudge back to the other side! Oy.

As a dog owner, I am definitely not bored, let's put it that way.

This weekend my best friend Sam came to visit. I loved having another person around (especially my bestie!) because Rylie had someone else to bite play with and I had someone else to talk to... that could talk back! We went down to the harbor and Rylie girl insisted on sitting on the bench with us. People would come up to her and pet her and she didn't even have to move, good deal! I got up quick and took this picture on my phone as she people watched. So cute.

But we noticed Rylie, how can I put this delicately... was gassy. I mean craZy gassy that had us running for cover. Then I noticed when she went to the bathroom it was a little (TMI)runny. So Monday I call the vet and they told me to bring her in tomorrow as they were busy. I bring the pup in, as a walk in, and surprisingly saw the vet quicker than when I had an appointment. Hmm...

Long story short poor pup pup has giardia. Puppy Mommy Fail. It is a parasite they usually get from drinking puddles or from other dogs who have it. My vet personally thinks Rylie's favorite snack gave it to her, that being mulch. She loves to chew on it and since it had rained last week and the mulch was damp it more than likely came from there. Now I am trying my hardest to not let her pick anything up on our walks but it is not easy.

For awhile now (worse since she has been sick) Rylie has been extremely bitey. Mostly to me, rarely other people, but when we play she will bite at my hands like no other. I will give her toys and tell her no but she does not seem to bothered by that. It has gone up tenfold since she has been sick. I cannot even sit down without her biting at my hands, feet, shoes or pants. I am constantly up and giving her toys and ice cubes, anything. Geeze pup teethe already!

But two nights ago was a rough rough night, similar to the first night I was alone with her. I think the antibiotics I gave her were messing with her because she was up whining from three am til five am. Non. Stop. Whining and barking. We went outside five times, two of which she went. Needless to say I was a mess yesterday. I was so exhausted and when I get exhausted I get way too emotional for my own good. Sobbing phone calls to my mother usually ensue.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday so Rylie went on two very very long walks. I was sore and tired by the time we were done. For once I was able to shower without her poking her head in or barking at me as she was passed out on the floor. I put her to bed and either I was so tired I slept through any whining/barking or she slept through the night. I think it was the latter.

Thank. God.

It isn't anywhere near as gorgeous today as yesterday (I will take 70 in January ANY day) but we will try lots of walks again. Wish me luck. Two weeks until I visit Ryan and I get a nice little break!!

And to link up with Goodnight Moon, I have Queen stuck in my head today.

1 comment:

  1. i love that picture! you should totally frame it!!!

    and umm...i miss you! sorry i've been so mia. so much always going on!

    thanks for coming and linking up this week!


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