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Sunday, August 5, 2012

NJ Visit - 3

Last part, I promise!!
Sunday we got up early and went to mass. Some family flew out and couldn't be there, but most of us made it. The church we went to we have been going to for decades. It was the church I was baptized in 24 years ago and probably even my mom was baptized in! It goes way back. So during mass the priest did a special blessing on Babci and Poppy and all their friends and family got to celebrate and acknowledge their 65 years together. My uncle colorized their wedding portrait and had it displayed in the house, and of course we got plenty of pictures of the happy couple together.

After Mass
After church we went to the Holiday Inn and had a huge family brunch together. We pretty much took over the entire restaurant!


The cake made by my mom's cousin, a baker!

Cutting the cake
 Sunday we spent saying goodbye to more family and spending time with Babci and Poppy. We also got to see my other two brothers who live in town. We left Monday much later than we planned, but we knew we had to leave early or late to miss traffic.... and late won out! We said our goodbyes and left NJ around 3pm. We hit DC in time for rush hour to Ryan ok'd a stop in Alexandria!!! I was so excited! We went to our old apartment and had dinner with our neighbor Adam (he said it made his Monday) and even saw Carrie. Rylie loved running around and everyone was shocked by how big she got! I believe Adam compared her to a baby polar bear.... :P

On our old stoop. Some things never change.

 We got on the road VERY late after that... around 10:30pm with six hours to go! Oops. I told Ryan I was fine to keep driving so he could sleep and drive later. Well the last hour of my drive was torture. I felt myself getting tired and chugged my diet coke and opened the windows. Ryan told me to wake him when I got tired but I didn't want him to be too sleepy to drive either. I made it another three hours into North Carolina before I gave up around 1:30am. I drove from NJ to VA and then to NC... I was done! I passed out in the car and woke up three hours later in our driveway at 4:30am.

Tuesday we just were lazy bums and tried to sleep and watch Doctor Who on the couch.

Amazing vacation if I do say so myself!

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  1. Love family vacations/reunions!
    We're about to leave for one to see a whole bunch of family we haven't seen in over 5 years!


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