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Friday, June 22, 2012


Sorry, I have definitely had a bit of a blogging slump lately! I guess I need to make my life more exciting so I can have something to blog about ;)

Recently Rylie girl has been very destructive. As I type this she is at my feet with half a kong toy in her mouth. Yes, half. The other half she ripped off and I had to take away from her before she swallowed it. Every toy she has is officially ripped to shreds. Her duck collection (stuffed) is in tatters. Her rope toys? Untied and strings are all over the house. Her stuffed puppy she has had since she was little? Headless. The blanket that week keep on top of her crate? Full of holes since she figured out how to pull it in to the crate with her.

If she wants to destroy her things, fine. I am ok with that... but recently she moved to our stuff. In the past month she has destroyed:

- The wall by the front door
- The molding around the front door
- The door stop and molding on the floor
- One pillow Ryan made in home ec in middle school (that was falling apart anyway.. don't tell the husband but I don't really miss that pillow!)
- The couch cushion. That we sit on. Tore it open! I had to flip it to the stained side :(
- One decorative couch pillow (THAT I miss)

- One Sperry, that would be Ryan's. Shredded. $80 shoes, ruined.
- A picture that one of Ryan's Marines drew for him in 29 Palms. It was an extremely meaningful picture we wanted to laser cut into wood and hang over the bed. He left the spare room door open one morning and she climbed up on the dresser and got it

- A return form I wanted to use to send a dress back. Stuck with it now!
- Our old dining room chairs that are now outdoor chairs. Especially since Rylie gnawed the corners off all fo them
- One cushion from said chairs... I am still finding stuffing in the grass
- Pieces of our fence are gnawed
- Holes in the back yard
- Rocks all over the place because she likes to chew them no matter how many times I yell at her

She used to do so well.... and then suddenly went down hill. We could leave her at home for a few hours and she would be out and fine. It usually happened the times I was gone maybe an hour at most I'd get home to a mess. I feel bad, but we now crate her at night and every time we leave the house. She is more destructive now at 8 months old than when she was teething! Or when she had that blasted cone on her head from being fixed.

I have her in my sight constantly when I am home, I just do not trust this pup. I am working on it, but man she is driving me nuts!

How did my little innocent pup go from this....

To this!?

 Destruct-O-Pup, you'd better behave if you want free reign of the house again!!!


  1. OMG she's huge now. And we definetly went through this phase...thankfully she didn't destroy anything meaningful though. She ate a bag of beef jerky, chewed the corner of a wall in the apartment, bras, cord to the computer, and she loves birthday cards. LOVES them. Maybe these two were separated at birth...hmmm...

  2. WOW! Our dogs used to be the same way. Once they got a little older and started calming down more we would let them out of their crate a little at a time. Now they're fine unless I leave the bathroom door open. They love tissue. Anywho, try taking him for long walks if you have the time or playing lots of fetch. I realized my boys were just bored. Good luck!

  3. I feel like all labs go thru this phase... hopefully she grows out of it faster than ours did!

  4. Haha, she is cute! I can't believe how fast they grow!

  5. I know how you feel. We have two pups now. When we had just the one, he ate my Steve Madden nude pumps, my husband's Sperry's, and my husband's KINDLE!! Our dogs don't chew on stuff anymore, especially since we have a yard that is fenced in.


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