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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vegas Again

Ryan and I had a great time in Vegas yet again. We had one rough night (which is to be expected, we don't get to properly argue for weeks so we had to let it out once) but overall it was a great trip. I got out of work on Thursday and went to the airport... I had my first stop in the midwest in the lovely city of Milwuakee (I was singing Laverne and Shirley the whole time) before making it to Vegas.

Even though I got to sleep around 2am my time I was up at 7:30am Vegas time (so 10:30 for me) ready to go. I got myself breakfast and over to the Hard Rock Hotel where I picked up a bottle opener magnet for my friend Britt from Bunco who collects them. Mostly I just wandered around, Vegas isn't as much fun by yourself (and as a married lady!).

The Strip

Inside the Bellagio

Inside the Bellagio

Elvis at my hotel

He was a frequent guest ;)

After my wander I went into the Bellagio again and won myself ten bucks playing roulette before I got tired.

I went back to the hotel and ended up taking a 3 hour nap! I woke up when Ryan called me to tell me he was there! EEK! I hurried and got ready (luckily for me he went to the wrong hotel first) and met him and his room mate downstairs (since his room mate drove him out there). He had a big box of chocolates and bottle of champagne waiting for me for Valentine's Day as well as a card!

We had dinner and played some roulette before exchanging presents. It was a low key night. The next morning we got up and went to the buffet again... SO good. Then we got on the monorail to go to the Strip.

We did some more wandering, including Caesers Palace and outside in fake Rome.

Outside Caesers Palace

By the fake Trevi Fountain

The hard thing about going away together is the lack of pictures of you AND scenery. I do not trust many people in Vegas to take my camera for us :P

We then went back to the Bellagio and we were wandering the shops (which I NEVER go in, I window shop) when Ryan and I decided I needed a new wallet. Apparently 24 year olds are not supposed to have zebra duct tape wallets... Anyway we went into Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vutton and Tiffany (just for kicks) and I had mini heart attacks every time I saw a price tag. We ended up back in Gucci and I got my new wallet which I will use for the next twenty years!

BIG step up from duct tape!! I was pretty excited.

We played some more roulette and then we met a few Marines in Ryan's class who were also there for the weekend. We gambled a bit and then went and watched the Bellagio fountain show again.

The five of us crammed into a cab and went into Old Vegas for the first time to go to Fremont Street. It was about a ten minute drive but it was worth it!! The place was all lit up and there were street performers and cheap food (and booze) everywhere. But we were on a mission... the zipline.

Well first a drink...

THEN the zip line! It went right over all of Fremont Street and was totally worth the $15, with military discount, to do. We ended up keeping an eye on these kids in front of us, one was quite mouthy but hilarious. He told us he wants to be a Marine too, but a GERMAN Marine. I had to reel the big kids in a bit, these kids were 8 after all the language had to go, but it was entertaining.

After we got back in the cab and headed back to strip. Jeanette, our cab driver, was probably my favorite person. She was from Ethiopia and she put those boys in their place, my husband included! We exchanged many high fives on that ride.

Then Ryan and I fought and were up late and thus stayed in bed most of the next day. We were so lazy we even ordered way overpriced room service. Then we remembered we picked up half priced tickets to Cirque de Soleil LOVE and got a move on. Our tickets came with a free VIP pass to the Revolution Lounge where we enjoyed some champagne.

The show was AWESOME. It was my first Cirque show and I decided I want to be in one when I grow up. I will be taking trapeze lessons and dance lessons ASAP.

After we went to the Carnegie Deli in the Mirage and had a HUGE sandwich, which we shared. It was tongue (I had my reservations but it was really tender) turkey, corned beef, coleslaw, thousand island and lots of good stuff. We also got free pickles anda HUGE potato pancake. YUM.

I left the next morning to head back to DC via Atlanta. I hate saying goodbye to my husband and trying not to cry as I walk through security. At least this is the LAST time we have to do this. Ryan graduates mid-April, we are in the home stretch! Less than eight weeks to go. My dad is meeting with the realtor tomorrow to look at our house choices and we are hitting the ground running.

This got longer than I planned, thanks for reading it all!


  1. I love Vegas!! The first time we went I insisted we walk the strip and wander all the different hotels... I had to see the themes for myself! My fav is the Paris. The second time our budget was a bit higher and we stayed at Mandalay Bay, THEHOTEL the pool is perfect (wave pool PLUS lazy river). So we spent the majority of our time there soaking up the rays and boozin' it up. I want to go back.......

  2. Looks like you two had a blast! I feel ya on the argument thing, I am scared for when my husband gets back from deployment since we never talk. =/

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Zip lining and The Beatles? Some of my favorite things! And that sandwich is HUGE!

    Can't wait to hear about your dads meeting with the realtor! We're headed back out tonight to look at houses. Such an adventure!

  4. I totally know what you mean by trying not to cry as you go through security, so tough. Looks like you had a great time though! :)


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