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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Writer's Block

Writer's Block. Ugh. Or maybe that isn't the best term... blogger's block? You do all know I am a sucker for alliteration.

I think it is just because not a lot is happening, but at the same time the wings are so crowded it will all eventually pile on at once. Most of my days are just spent working, talking long walks with the pup pup, talking to my husband on the phone and hanging out with my friends when I can.

Rylie and I walk two miles or more a night and she is making lots of friends, like Moose, the Great Dane. She loves him!

Carrie and I spent Saint Patrick's Day at Murphy's in Old Town and may have gotten drunker than we planned trying to fend off preppy law students.

We celebrated Pi day at work on 3.14 and I wore these earrings as we ate pie. My clients enjoyed that.

I am also floored by how big Rylie has gotten!! My pup pup is huge, tipping the scales at nearly forty pounds!

As for our house it is just playing the waiting game at this point. Our offer was accepted, we had the inspection, submitted our mortgage paperwork and got the seller to agree on some repairs. Apparently the bank was sending someone for the mandatory appraisal (which was supposed to be five to ten business days after I got the paperwork in) and it has taken literally forever. I am getting frustrated as we are moving in less than a month, but that won't happen if there is nowhere to move to!

Then Ryan calls the bank today and they send us this email, "Oh, by the way, we need these seven things from you to proceed."


So if we didn't call to bug you, would we have just been waiting around?

First of all, the first item in the list was in our mortgage paperwork. There is nowhere to sign it, it was a view only document, but they have it. Ryan now has his orders so he can send those. But they want bank statements and pay stubs... things we could have sent them over a month ago without a problem! It still isn't a problem, but I am pretty annoyed at this "Oh yea!" sort of moment. More than annoyed actually.



I've officially become a writer on spouseBUZZ.com, that's some of the good. My third article went up today! Plus there is more good news to follow on that very soon!

Ok, I guess I wasn't as blocked as I thought. Maybe just disorganized. And stressed.

And addicted to the Draw Something app - Play me! Imyewneek


  1. I just found out about draw something! I am so addicted!

  2. We are still waiting to hear about our appraisal. Not really sure what the heck is taking so long. And that SUCKS that they are just letting you know about the paperwork! We've had to give so much paperwork to the underwriters. This process is.not.fun!

  3. I LOVE those earrings!!

    I'm making my blog more legit and I have a button now! Will you add it to your blogs page?



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