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Monday, July 28, 2014

Man Crates

Is your husband (brother/father/son/uncle/insert any male figure in your life here) impossible to shop for? Mine is... he never wants anything! I have honestly given him socks for Valentine's Day and underwear for Christmas because they were the only things he needed or wanted. His wallet is untouchable, his cologne is never really used, he rarely wears ties (being in uniform 90% of the time) and he only wears a watch when he is in the field or deployed. I have tried to get him small, fun, creative things but mostly they end up not used or in a drawer somewhere. Sound familiar?

Well I was recently contacted by Man Crates and I think I now have a solution for my picky husband! Man Crates are trying to be the ultimate resource of gifts for men and so far I think they are nailing it. All Man Crates (unless otherwise specified) come literally in a crate with a crowbar to open it. Because tools and things like that are super manly, especially when you get to crack open a crate! They also do provide a military discount. It's a shame Ryan's birthday is in February and Christmas is so far away because I found a few crates I know he would love. Like....

 The Personalized Barware Crate. It comes with personalized pint glasses, coasters that are also bottle openers (which are also personalized), the crate and crowbar to open it, plus four different salty snacks to accompany his beer! My husband would love this. He'd also love the...

The Grill Master Crate. It is ridiculously awesome, I can't lie. It comes with a brass-knuckle meat tenderizer, a cast iron smoke box, a set of four steak thermometers, dried hickory wood chips and three different BBQ sauces/spice blends. Oh yum.

So when Man Crates contacted me asking what I would put in my own survival kit (my personal essentials if you will), I decided to give it a go. Now we are assuming my things needed to survive (food, shelter, fire, husband, the Dup) are all currently included. These are my essential frivolities if you will!

1. Chapstick. I seriously cannot live without it. If I forget to put it in my pocket or my purse I feel awful the rest of the day, like my lips are shriveling off my face. Yes, dramatic I know, but that's addiction for you.

2. Books. I need a large bookshelf in the corner of our survival hut that magically provides me with books on a constant basis. Reading is my ultimate escape and I thorougly enjoy it!

3.  Nutella. Because it is amazing. Period. I eat it out of the jar with a tablespoon if I am having a bad day. Or a semi bad day. Or a good day. It happens a lot.

4. I know I am supposed to be on a deserted island, but I get cold easily, so a fleecy comfy hooded sweatshirt is a must. I need to be snuggled up at night so let's assume my island can get a little chilly every now and then.

5. I'd love to have my very own DSLR camera. The island I am sure would be gorgeous and full of photo opportunities, so I plan on taking a lot of pictures to remember our time there after we are rescued. Gosh, I am optimistic today aren't I?

What would you need to have in your essential Blogger Crate if you were on a deserted island? Let me know in the comments below! And check out Man Crates for some fun guy gift ideas.

Note: All thoughts in this post are my own. Man Crates asked me to do a post but I was not compensated for my opinion in any way.

Monday, July 21, 2014


As many of you know I work at the base library. With my new job at reference I am interacting with hundreds of Marines daily.... literally. Then I go home to my Marine (he's my favorite for sure, I am definitely biased there) and life is good. Being it is a library there is a wide variety of Marines, all ranks and jobs and the like doing everything from printing leave requests to MarineNet classes to research papers. Sometimes I complain about being tied to the desk at the "computer" person (usually the first half or more of my shift) but I do love interacting with the Marines and I do enjoy helping them the rare times they need assistance with research or databases.

Since the sleeves went back to being rolled this year I've also noticed a certain accessory a lot of the Marines seem to be wearing these days...

Picture from this link via the AP
The KIA bracelets.

Maybe with the winter cammies and the sleeves down it never caught my eye as much... but with the rolled sleeves and the summer weather I cannot tell you all how many I see a day.

And to be honest that breaks my heart.

These Marines, easily from 18-50, have seen and done so much these past ten years. So many have lost collegues, friends, and brothers/sisters to the point that I can barely track how many I see each day... and those are only for the ones who wear a bracelet... I know plenty do not.

So although we hear in the media "the war is over" we all know the truth. If you have some extra thoughts to spare send it for these Marines. It is a rainy, cloudy morning here in North Carolina and the three hours I have been on the desk so far I have counted 43 bracelets and it is making me a little sad.

That's all.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Date Night

This is one of the weekends I am working unfortunately. It hasn't been too bad for the most part except for a few angry base dress code violators... NOTE: There is a base dress code. Look it up if you're not familiar with it. Camp Lejeune's is pretty clear... if you want to wear a tank top it must have a two inch strap. No spaghetti straps, not halters, no tube tops, no rips or stains or tears or profanity. Period. You need to look classy and perhaps a little more covered than the 95 plus degree heat wants. I hate enforcing it but there is no need to yell at me because I am informing you and offering you a free clean tshirt to boot. /endrant.
Sorry. I got away from myself there!
I got a text from Ryan as soon as the library closed at 6. Normally when I get a Hey sweetie...? text he wants me to stop and pick up something on my way home or anything of that nature. Hence my very simple reply. But I was stunned at what followed.
A date??? Heck yes! He even asked what time he should pick me up. I told him 7:30. When I got home he was cleaning out the truck (!!) and in a suit. Wow! He promptly gave me a kiss then drove away saying he'd be back in a little more than an hour. I took a quick shower, did my hair and make up, painted my toes and threw on a little black dress I have been dying to have an excuse to wear for over a year now (it's from eShakti for all those who asked) and was ready just as the door bell rang.

I hurried out trying to avoid getting Dup Dup hair on my dress and was shocked to see Ryan standing there with flowers! Seriously!!
I put them in water and we got into the truck to head for our date. I asked him where we were going.
Ryan: I am taking you to the best Italian Restaurant in town.
Me: Ryan.... are you taking me to Olive Garden dressed like this!?
Yes. Yes he was.
I had to laugh! I told him we may be a tad overdressed for Olive Garden but he shrugged it off. He said it is better to be overdressed than underdressed and I agreed, but I was a little self conscious for sure! We didn't have a long wait and when the waitress asked our special occassion we simply responded, Date Night.

We had a nice dinner and a drink or so and Ryan revealed he had movie tickets for us, already purchased. He said he wanted to get Jersey Boys tickets but the only later movie available was the new Transformers at 9:05. We had seen all the previous ones so that was fine by me! We enjoyed our dinner a little too much because I checked the time and it was 9:15! Oops.

I literally had to make him laugh to get him to give a real smile instead of his I'm smiling for a picture smile. Sad it came out blurry! But he looked so handsome!
We get into the movie at 9:25... and caught the last preview for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Wow. Talk about long previews! We were nearly 20 minutes late for our movie and missed nothing.I snuggled under Ryan's suit jacket (I get cold in movies) and enjoyed the non stop action that was Transformers. The one review I saw of it said, "Within ten minutes the action starts and it is both stupidly epic and epically stupid and continues until the movie ends."
Action action action humans are bad action action action redemption slightly action over.
In the form of about 2 and a half hours!
Ryan wanted us to walk around the fountain in the park but with my shoes it was just not happening, plus it was late and I had work today! We went home and walked around our cul-du-sac a bit before crashing in to bed around 1am.
It was a perfect date night (: 

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend

It has been a long but fun weekend! My sister in law Hannah was visiting us for the past week and a half so for the 4th of July she tagged along with us and some friends to celebrate. Naturally I got bit by the baking bug so Hannah and I made a Red White and Blue cake from scratch... the red and blue layers were regular cake (which sadly came out a little heavier than I like, less flour next time I think) and the white layer was cheesecake. Hurricane Arthur hit us Thursday night so we started baking the cheesecake then and the rest of the cake Friday morning. We even made the cream cheese icing from scratch! I don't think I've made a cake not from a box and icing not from a can in almost a decade! Not too shabby!
We then headed over to my friend from work Jo's house and hung out with her, her husband John and my other coworker Morgan until we left for the fireworks. Henry, their adorable pup, wanted to be in our picture too. 

We figured it would be insanely crowded on base so we left pretty early to fight traffic. We didn't want to go in the giant massive crowd, personally I was ok with missing LL Cool J, so we decided to drive to work and park there. Luckily with our husbands' active duty IDs we were able to go through the road blocks and park with ease! We could hear the performers down the street and we still had room to play frisbee in the parking lot. Sadly once it got later MPs started directing people to park in our area but most of them still walked down to the field so our view remained safe!

The weather got ominous looking but only one or two drops hit us. After the show we could see it rained elsewhere on base but it seemed to stop just shy of us and the fireworks! We had a good hour or so to tailgate and hang out and we all had a blast.

Boys being boys
Surprisingly the fireworks started early, maybe by five minutes, and they went on for a long time! It was a pretty long show, nearly half and hour, and had one of the longest finales I have ever seen. I am very impressed Camp LeJeune! We had a perfect view from the truck and I love fireworks. They are near the top of my Top Ten Favorite Things List (yes it is a literal list) hence the reason Ryan proposed to me during the Disney Fireworks at EPCOT.

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the country I live in and that my husband serves and I love celebrating that. For my family and my friends and everyone who calls this great nation home, it makes me proud as punch!

I am a terrible selfie taker.
We took the back gate home and luckily there was basically no traffic. Thank Goodness! We all hung out a bit longer before heading home and falling sound asleep. Pretty darn good 4th of July if you ask me! Saturday was spent cleaning, playing tennis (my husband finally got a racket!) and getting Japanese food for dinner. We also took the Dup for her yearly 'furminator' bath to help with her ridiculous shedding. She gets a special bath in deshedding shampoo and conditioner and then at least an hour long brushing session. Even the groomer said she was pretty shocked by the amount of hair that kept coming off, and we brush her a lot too! Dup Dup's report card was glowing, they all said she was incredibly sweet to everyone who handled her and gave tons of kisses. That's my good girl! And she looks so cute! I cracked and got her a bandana (since the proceeds go to military service dogs I could not resist!).

It did wear her out though and she slept pretty much the rest of the day. Sunday we went to church, drove to Wilmington to meet my mother in law and her husband to drop Hannah back off with them, have lunch, run to the commissary and then home again to pack our lunches and prepare for the week. Then we went and played tennis again. Today I am pretty sore (helloooo out of shapeness) and quite exhausted. I look forward to going to bed early tonight.

I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

That moment...

That moment when your favorite singer hosts a Facebook Q&A and answers your question....

And then the screen shot blows up on Instagram with more likes than you've ever had in your life!!!! Holy cannoli

Man I love Josh Groban :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stormy Weather

It is definitely summer time in the South. For the past few days, ever late afternoon, ominous dark clouds roll in. Some times it lets a little rain fall for an hour, then vanishes... other times huge torrential storms take over the area and hit you upside the head with their force. The photo above is from my neighborhood last week. I love panorama sky shots, they look so awesome! Those clouds barely gave us any rain until way later that evening even though they looked threatening.

Saturday was my first day back at work after being sick and it was a long day. I grew tired pretty easily and even though we were steady we luckily we weren't swamped. It was a hot, humid and sunny day until late afternoon some grey clouds began to move in. I told my coworker to check the view outside (since the circulation desk doesn't have windows close by like reference does) once they started to get dark. We knew a storm was coming for sure. Fifteen minutes later she came and got me, telling me to go look out the front door. If we thought the sky was dark before, it was BLACK now....

With the sun shining still over us it was a very haunting view to see straight black clouds in the sky barreling straight towards you! At around 5:30 the thunder started ripping through the sky, lightening began making our power flicker, and rain started pounding down so hard we could barely see outside. Pine tree branches were falling all around the pavilion and the grass around the side of the building disappeared under water. It barely let up around closing and we felt terrible having to have people leave to go out in it, but our managers said we essentially didn't have a choice.

We were a bit behind in closing with all that chaos but as we hurried to lock up I almost fell over as soon as I entered our program's office. It was literally raining in the office. I could hear it and as I glanced up I saw a ceiling tile fall to the floor, which had a huge puddle blooming across it, with a SPLAT.

Oh. Crap.

My coworker and I ran to get plastic to try and protect the books (mostly children's books for story times and summer reading) and move things out of the way as quickly as we could. At one point the plastic gathered a bunch of water and poured on to my head soaking me completely! Yea, we laughed about it. I am a decent height, about 5'7'', but my coworker is all of maybe 5'3'' and the two of us trying to drape plastic over eight feet of shelving was pretty comical in itself.

We used soda cans to try and support the plastic and did our best to clean up, staying nearly an hour after we closed.

Needless to say it was a mess! Naturally as soon as we stepped outside to go to our cars it had stopped raining completely. There was even some blue sky off in the distance. You can't even make this stuff up! UGH. It drizzled a little on my way home but at my house it was bone dry. It hadn't even rained there yet! We had a huge storm about ten miles from my house with all this damage and nothing at home. Sigh. I could hear thunder and see lightening as we got dinner ready, but when it did rain (hours later) it was nothing like on base.

Southern Summer Weather has officially begun!

Friday, June 20, 2014


Last weekend Ryan and I went fishing with my coworker Jo and her husband John and had a blast! The boys bonded and Jo and I got to get to know each other a bit more outside of work which was awesome.

Although we didn't have a lot of sunlight, since I had to work past six and we couldn't meet up until eight, we still made good use of what little light we had! And then just kept going with flashlights and lamps once it was dark. Nothing like some beer, bonding and fishing for a good ol' Southern Saturday night!

Ryan caught three small fish (and had a forty five minute epic battle with what we think was a sting ray) and I decided I wanted to try my luck. I mostly wanted to watch since even though we have had all the stuff we have needed since we moved here I was just very out of practice! But I cast a line and to my surprise on my first try I got two fish!!

It was a beautiful night that went by way too fast especially since I had to go back to work the next morning! Hopefully we can do it again soon.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sick Week

On Monday I woke up feeling a little, well, off. I didn't have to work so I slept in until 9:30 but I woke up feeling like I barely slept at all. I had things to do so I did laundry, scrubbed the bathrooms and the kitchen and then went to go drop off Ryan's uniforms for dry cleaning and alterations. Once I got in the car I could not cool off. Yes it was hot out but even with my air conditioning blasting I still felt way too hot. My head started aching and my neck felt stiff and I was just exhausted. 

By the time I got home I went to lay down and by the time Ryan got home I felt positively awful. I had no appetite and everything just seemed to be making my body hurt. I started running a fever so I took four Advil, ate dinner and then felt a little better. We went to sleep that night and I woke up at 3:30am freezing cold. I woke Ryan up solely to use his body heat and finally fell back to sleep. In the morning I took four more Advil and I was suddenly too hot again. The whole drive to work I had the air conditioning blasting while Ryan diverted the vents and wisely said nothing about it.

I worked half a day before my manager told me to leave. I knew getting an appointment with my PCM would be impossible to I went to Urgent Care. They were not that helpful, diagnosing me with gastritis regardless of the fact I had no stomach symptoms aside from lack of appetite. The doctor told me if I had a fever again Wednesday to come back.

All night I was taking Advil and alternating from chills to sweats with a pounding headache. Wednesday I woke up with a fever of 101. Urgent Care didn't open until 10am so I dragged myself in there and when the doctor heard my symptoms he told me to go across the street to the ER. I wasn't thrilled about it but he said they could do blood work and diagnose me better, so off I went.

In the waiting room I got this stylish mask to wear since I had a fever and other "flu like" symptoms. Man those things are uncomfortable! Within an hour I was in the back seeing the first doctor who reminded me a lot of Doctor House from TV, very blunt and who, according to a nurse I later spoke to, gets at least three complaints a day! He looked right at me and said, "I think you have a viral infection. We will do some blood work and then you should be good." So I get my blood drawn and then the nurse asks me if I am ready to go to my room.

My room? I thought it was blood work then going home?

The next thing I know I am in an exam room in a hospital gown in a bed freezing my behind off.

Over the next several hours I spoke to another doctor and many nurses and basically got told they were worried I had meningitis. That was when I started to get scared. I knew Ryan had been busy at work and I didn't want to bug him (yea yea yea I know) and I was very happy when he walked into my room a few hours into my stay. It definitely made me feel better to see him, especially since I had no idea he was coming. They ran a CT scan, more blood work and started talking about the possibility of a lumbar puncture. Noooo thank you!

Luckily my CT scan looked normal and they hooked me up to an IV and many antibiotics. I was told I had to be hooked up to it for three hours or so and I felt pretty much ready to jump out of my skin at this point. I wanted to go home! Anxiety was hitting me pretty hard and Ryan was doing his best to make sure I didn't cry or jump out of that bed and run.... ok, roll out and try and low crawl probably would have been more accurate at that point! Well one Valium later I was calmed down and finally able to doze a bit with Ryan providing extra body heat in my uncomfortable bed as Friends played in the background. 

After an hour or so I woke up and sent Ryan to get some food since I knew he was hungry (I was but not allowed to eat) and tried to doze a little more. People kept coming in and checking things so that didn't work out too well but I was beginning to feel better with the medicine and the fluids. My CT scan came back looking good and the doctor essentially told me he didn't think I had meningitis. Now was he 100% sure? Of course not, Doctors can never claim such a thing, so he said if I wanted the lumbar puncture they'd do it. Since I obviously did not want a giant needle in my back I declined. He told me then once my IVs were done I could go. If my fevers were not under control with medication, the headache got worse or I had confusion, blurry or double vision or a rash then I had to come back to the ER and get the lumbar puncture done. Deal.

My blood pressure was low at this point so they added more fluids while I watched Thor as Ryan returned. We watched the movie together until my IVs finished and my blood pressure went back up to normal... ish.

My husband never, ever takes pictures, so I do not know what possessed him to want to take one at this moment, but his comment while doing so made it, "You're gonna get discharged from the ER, but first, lemme take a selfie..." And although you can't see it through the mask very well, he definitely had me smiling.

Which with everything else considered, is pretty amazing.

How could you not love someone like that? I love him for showing up, unasked, taking care of me (I don't like to make a fuss but within ten minutes of him being there I had a pillow :P) and making me laugh. We went home with four prescriptions of what I like to call 'loopy drugs' and me looking forward to my own bed. And food since I thought I was hungry. Ryan got me some of my favorite Japanese food and after a few bites I was full, IVs will do that to you, and I happily passed out in my own bed.

Thankfully today I feel much better. For the first time this week I do not have a fever, which in itself is heavenly, and my headache and neck pain are getting much better. The loopy drugs are helping and I hope after today I won't really need them. I have a follow up appointment with my PCM tomorrow, which I in some miracle managed to book after only five minutes on the phone, and I am finally hopeful things are on the up. I am even looking forward to hopefully going back to work Saturday, something you never normally expect to hear ;)

If I can go the rest of my life never being in an ER again, I will be a happy camper. The nurses and doctors were great, but the waiting and waiting and worrying was exhausting!

Ok, back to my chick flick movie marathon. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me with well wishes, I really really appreciate them more than you know.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our Next Step...?

Found on Pinterest
Everyone knows the military is nothing but 'Hurry up and Wait'. We've all done it. Waiting for deployments to start/end, PCS orders, re-enlistment, leave requests, picking up rank... our spouse's (and I suppose by proxy; us) do quite a bit of it. This is just the latest step of many. For a pretty direct example check out my husband's last re-enlistment saga.


My husband has known for a long time that he wants to be career military and do his 20 years. With the drawdowns and everything else happening lately this plan is becoming harder and harder. He is doing all he can to be at the top of his game and stay in. Hitting his eight years in the Marine Corps last month has been prompting him to do more considering he only has two years left on his current contract. For the past six months he has been trying to put together a package for his SDA (Secondary Duty Assignment) which is similar to a B-Billet but can only be certain things. Like squares and rectangles, all SDAs are B-Billets but not all B-Billets are SDAs... yea I had no idea either. His options were MSG/Embassy Duty, Drill Instructor, Recruiting Duty or Security Forces.

MSG/Embassy Duty was our to die for wish when we first got married, but to go accompanied you need to be a Staff Sergeant or higher. Since Ryan needs to do his SDA to have a chance of picking up SSgt this is sadly not an option for us. He could do it unaccompanied but we have no desire to go through that. My husband would also rather jump off a bridge than be a Drill Instructor. He has flat out said he'd almost rather do unaccompanied MSG than DI. To each their own! Recuriting Duty wasn't too appealing but Security Forces was the gleam in my husband's eye. It was his original MOS when he entered the Marine Corps and he loved every minute of it. So that was where he decided to put his package together and submit for.

The monitor said they were not accepting for the next fiscal year until May 1, so Ryan was determined to have his package ready for then. He went and spoke to the career planner and got things going. For weeks he ran all over base getting physicals, signatures and all sorts of things. We had a bit of drama with some signatures but the package was complete well in time to get sent up to Headquarters by May 1. All we had left to do was cross our fingers and wait. We knew Ryan's 2 NJPs from back in the day could be an issue, but the monitor for Security Forces when asked heard that Ryan had them but had been prior Security Forces he said, "Send in the package".

Time goes by.

Last week, over a month after the package is sent in, the career planner calls my husband. He asks, "What's up with your package?" My husband replies, "I would ask you the same thing, did you hear anything?"


It was sitting on his desk.

The damn thing sat on the career planner's desk for a month. It went up that day.

It was denied within two days because there were no spots left.

When Ryan told me it was like a punch in the gut. What now? I was thinking at work that he'd maybe try for Recruiting Duty next, unappealing as it was, when my phone started blowing up. Ryan over and over again to call him.

So I step outside and call him and he informs me the monitor for Security Forces is also the monitor for SOI (School of Infantry) and if Ryan was interested he'd want him as an instructor at the school. Were we interested? Ryan and I talked on the phone for less than a minute but in the end he, with my support, decided to go for it. At this point we do not have many options left. So Ryan hastily scrambled and submitted yet another package, as instructed, and we are waiting again.

What if he gets it?

Well.... we will be in the Camp Lejeune area for another three years... damn :P I was sort of looking forward to moving. I can live with it though. I finally have a full time job, we have a house, and it's doable. 86 hour work weeks... yikes. Things will definitely be changing with those kinds of hours. SOI is on Camp Geiger, near New River, so the commute is doable for Ryan especially since most days he will be there by 0430. There will be more overnight duty, up to three times a week possible. All of that seems pretty intimidating since we were thinking of maybe starting a family. Eventually. You know, definitely in the next three years! So 86 hour work weeks with possible three nights away from home with me pregnant then with a newborn? Oh, yikes.

But what choice do we have? If he submits a package for something else, it could easily be denied. All someone needs to see are 2 NJPs (from six years, two ranks and two deployments ago) and that could be it. This is a big opportunity that unfortunately we cannot turn down.

Once again, we wait.

The career planner has the second completed package ready to go. Hopefully we will hear something affirmative soon.

And yes, my husband is calling the planner every day to make sure it is getting sent in.

Now, we wait. Cross your fingers friends!

Monday, June 9, 2014


I don't know how many of you have seen this particular news piece floating around, but it is one that makes me particularly angry.

The original story (found here) from a few days ago explains the situation. A former Marine decided to protest the Berghdal/Taliban exchange outside of Parris Island.... you know, because of all the recruits coming in and out of the gates there. Seriously, protest all you want, but at least put some thought into your location. Something pertaining to politics perhaps, or an Army base? Regardless, he decided to wear his campaign cover, the hats all drill instructors in the Marine Corps wear, as a sign of solidarity to "all the active duty military that can't protest" about this.

Sgt Major Archie heard about this and on the phone asked the former Drill Instructor not to wear his campaign cover to the protest. The man ignored him and Sgt Major Archie saw him wearing the cover the next day. He pulled over, the two men got into a shouting match, and the Sgt Major knocked the cover off the guy's head when he got too close. He then grabbed the cover and drove on back to base.

Now the former Drill Instructor (who I do not even want to give the pleasure of naming, that's my opinion of him) is pressing third degree assault and battery charges. Sgt Major Archie turned himself in to the police immediately after the event and was bailed out that evening.

Now I just read that Sgt Major Archie is voluntarily stepping down.

And I am so angry.

Do you have the right to protest? Absolutely. Do you have the right to wear pieces of a military uniform, active duty or not, to said protest? NO. You do not. Sgt Major Archie acted like I believe almost any military member would. You cannot wear your dress blues to the grocery store once you get out. Military functions, parades, weddings, funerals, ceremonies... yes. Protests??? HELL NO. You know better former Drill Instructor. You keep yelling in the video that you're no longer a Marine and the Sgt Major has no authority over you and then turn around to the news crew and say you wore the cover in solidarity with those who are active duty?? You cannot even keep your own viewpoint straight!

Not only that, but this is on a semi personal level. Sgt Major Archie was the Sgt Major in my husband's unit up until earlier this year. When my husband was in Afghanistan the Sgt Major got orders back to Parris Island, his dream job, and sadly left. I saw him at many functions prior to the deployment and heard how he spoke to the Marines, and it was inspiring. The man was motivated, cared about his job and his Marines, and was a prime example of what a Sgt Major should be. His voice was stereotypically Drill Instructor, deep and gravelly and just awesome. I nearly giggled the first time I heard him shouting motivationally across a unit softball game. He was an exceptional leader and my husband constantly said how much all the Marines loved working under him.

And now that man is no longer an active duty Marine after doing what (I personally believe) is right. It is a damn shame. I am saddened to see he resigned and I know I am not alone in that.

To that former Drill Instructor who caused most of this mess; you're a disgrace and an idiot. I hope karma is swift with you.