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Friday, October 24, 2014

Under the Weather

My poor blog has been so neglected this year. Not sure what else to do about it or if I even want to keep it going at this point.

Maybe I am just tired and grouchy from feeling sick.

Last Wednesday (as in the 15th) I got sick at work. I was closing and it was close to the end of my shift when I got really warm and dizzy. I threw up a few times at work and throughout the night. And the next day. It really stunk because, naturally, Ryan was in the field so I was home alone and feeling extra miserable and sorry for myself. I thought it was food poisoning and would go away.

Here I am a week and a half later and I still feel nauseous.

I have missed work, show rehearsals and just leaving the house.

I have been to Urgent Care, the Emergency Room at my regular Doctor. I have had to give more urine samples than I ever have before because no one believes a woman can be nauseous and not pregnant apparently. I had an ultrasound today that looked normal. I have taken drugs to stop throwing up but still am nauseous. For almost a week now all I have been able to eat are saltines and ice pops. Toast was a big breakthrough.

My show opens next week and work is (naturally) short staffed. I am tired of not eating and feeling sick to my stomach with no answers at all. One ER doctor even so kindly said to me, "Don't worry, you can survive without food for five or six weeks as long as you stay hydrated." before escorting me out of the office. I want to eat again. I want to not feel sick to my stomach. I want answers.

I want to feel better.

And now I am done feeling sorry for myself. Sorry for the pity party all.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

SDA and Oktoberfest

I have blogged before about my husband applying to do his SDA (or Secondary Duty Assignment, or B-Billet) and the roller coaster ride the whole process has been. Well as of this Monday he is officially doing his SDA! Ryan got accepted to be an instructor at SOI (School of Infantry) at Camp Geiger for the next three years. So no PCSing in our future since it is still pretty close by. There will definitely be some long, long hours for him to work. For three years. Oh boy! Anyway, since he had to check out of his current unit at Lejeune on Friday and in to the new one at Geiger I got to see the rare sight of my husband in his Alphas. Yes, the dress blues are wonderful, but the Alphas make me swoon too! He get's some genuine WW2 era swag when he wears them in my eyes, especially when he gives his cover the twenty degree tilt as pictured below.

After my husband checked in he came home and we decided to head to New Bern for the day to walk around and spend some time together since I was off from work. It was finally a little chilly so I dressed for semi-fall weather and tried a new hairstyle. Verdict is still out on how I feel about that!

I did get a little car sick on the drive there so I wasn't feeling my best when we arrived. The longer we walked around the better I felt though. Our first stop was at this giant, indoor flea market we never managed to visit before. It was pretty neat! We had fun exploring and Ryan found a pewter box with the comedy/tragedy faces on it with a matching necklace inside.. so he got it for me. (And by got it for me I mean he found it, realized he had no cash, saw I had some in my wallet, and I paid for it!) It was very sweet though.

We stopped at a few more shops after the Flea Market and Ryan was super excited to find a giant rooster in one of them. It is a long story (aside from the USC Gamecocks affiliation) but we had to get the picture to send to his best friend Josh. The man never likes to get his picture taken and complains like crazy until there is a five foot tall rooster on a table. Sigh.
As we walked around we saw signs for the Oktoberfest the Rotary Club was putting on for their fundraiser. I was feeling better so we got some tickets at the gate and decided to go in. We had some delicious brauts and sauerkraut with German potato salad and some really delicious Oktoberfest from the Carolina Brewing Company. We also paid a little extra for some Apple Streudel and German Chokolat Cake! We got to meet a lot of really nice people and have some good food and drink, so it was definitely a win. A lot of people came in ethnic outfits and there was also a full German Folk Band with dancing!

These old people were my favorite, they were loving it!
We had enough beers that when some of our new friends dragged us out to polka we were willing to give it a shot! Even though I am extremely Polish my extent of Polka knowledge is the Chicken Dance, so our polka was more like a two step with Ryan leading and an extra bounce thrown in for good measure.

As Oktoberfest wound down we found a bar nearby with an outdoor stage and live music. I was done drinking at this point so I could drive, but we did stop in and listen for a few songs. I sobered up for sure because when Ryan tried to drag me down front to dance to Sweet Home Alabama I dug in my heels! He went and rocked out though.
We definitely had a great time and I was pretty bummed I had to work the next day, I would have loved to stay out later!
The outdoor music

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hungry Town Bike Tour and Fort Macon

In continuation of our redo of Labor Day Weekend we had reservations to do a Hungry Town Bike Tour of Beaufort and then to visit Fort Macon afterwards. I did the tour last year when Ryan was in Afghanistan and told him multiple times how much I enjoyed it, so he wanted to see for himself! When we woke up Saturday morning we saw a gray and drizzly sky. Checking the weather in Beaufort we did see it was raining and began to worry our bike tour would have to be cancelled. They called us and asked if we still wanted to try and we decided to go for it, luckily the rain stopped by the time we arrived and it didn't rain again the rest of the tour!
Ryan on his bike, license plate Chive ... of course!
No one else booked a tour for the day so we had our own private one! Betsy and David remembered me from last year and were once again so hospitable, they made the day so wonderful for us. We saw Blackbeard's house and went by the old cemeteries, gorgeous houses and other things all along the tour. It was different from the last one I went on so it was new for me too. With the rain making the usual lunch spot wet we were told our lunch would be at a local Bed and Breakfast, The Front Street Inn, which was absolutely gorgeous!
Outside the old cemetery.

The B&B was fantastic. The couple who owned it were really sweet and gave us a full tour of the entire house... I told Ryan we should come back for our anniversary or something one year to treat ourselves. We had dinner in their formal dining room and I almost felt guilty eating our sandwiches (albeit delicious ones) on their china!

My potato salad and croissant chicken salad sandwich were delicious. Ryan let me try one of his sweet potato chips and I even liked that (which says something since I don't like sweet potatoes)! And the accompanying glass of wine was lovely too.

Our bike tour came to an end all too quickly and we drove out to Fort Macon. It was interesting to walk through the visitor's center/museum and see all the conservation and nature work being done out there. When we made our way back outside it was drizzling a bit and the wind definitely picked up making it a bit chilly! Inside the fort itself we managed to stay warm and outside their were Civil War re-enactors to watch. We even got to see them shoot off one of the cannons!


Watching the re-enactors
On top of the fort

After the fort we did stop at the beach on our way back... compared to a lot of the other beaches we have been to lately it was huge! We will have to try and come back when it gets super warm again.

On our way home we stopped for Greek food at Santorini's, a new Mediterranean restaurant in Swansboro, and definitely were not disappointed. One of our favorite restaurants when we lived in Alexandria was a Greek Restaurant and we were sorely disappointed when we moved to North Carolina and saw none nearby. We had a sample platter of deliciousness that had us promising to return (dolamades, saganaki, and tzatziki), and that was before we had the baklava!
At home we cozied up and watch the Gamecocks win (unlike this past week) from the comfort of our living room couch.
It was definitely a terrific weekend!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Battleship North Carolina

Last week (or maybe it was two by now...bad blogger) Ryan and I decided to both take leave and recreate our lost Labor Day Weekend. We had so many plans of local things we wanted to do before Ryan started his SDA (Secondary Duty Assignment) and a regular weekend just was not going to cut it. So we took off Thursday and Friday as well as a normal weekend. Thursday we used to clean the house, do laundry, and any other chores we normally do on a weekend. Thursday the guys in Ryan's shop also decided to throw him his going away dinner so it was nice to go to that as well.

So Friday we slept in a little bit and then drove down to Wilmington to see the USS Battleship North Carolina. All I have to say is thank goodness we went on a random Friday. There were still some people touring the boat, but it wasn't packed. We managed to see the entire boat, top to bottom, in about two and a half hours and explore every nook and cranny that we wanted to. If we had been here Labor Day Weekend I am sure it would have been packed and not as enjoyable, especially since Ryan is not too fond of crowds in small places. Can't blame him for that! So a blessing in disguise for sure.

Looking out to aim the guns
It was harder than I thought to align the scope!

As you can see from the pictures, it is pretty empty! It almost looks like we have the ship entirely to ourselves. When we went through the Engine Rooms we actually didn't even run into anyone else, but it could have been since it was close to closing.

After we explored the Battleship we crossed the bridge to have dinner in downtown Wilmington. We hit the timing just right because we got a prime parking spot and managed to get seats at a restaurant that we always failed to get seated at previously. We even got balcony tables with a view of the Battleship! Score!

The food was delicious... Arancini (rice balls that we first tried in Sicily), an avocado caprese salad, spinach ravioli (for me) and fish and chips (for Ryan)... oh yum.
Our table was the balcony right above the red awning on the side of the building.
We then got to watch a gorgeous sunset behind the Battleship over the river as we enjoyed some ice cream. The smell of ice cream cones hit you square in the face as soon as you turned on to the street, so it was nearly impossible to say no regardless of how full we were.

All in all, a wonderful day. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Turning 27

On Monday, September 8th, I turned 27.

It was pretty low key, as far as birthdays go. My parents sent me Georgetown Cupcakes, flowers, and some clothes. Ryan, the smart man he is, got me gift cards to go shopping. My friend Donna got me some Coca Cola things for my Coca Cola Bathroom (a soap dispenser, a soap dish, and a cool metal tin that now holds my daily make up and hair things) and my phone blew up with well wishes from friends and family and Facebook.

So, thank you (:

I was off from work since I worked the weekend and I decided to go get my hair done. I last got partial highlights in March so after six months it was kind of driving me nuts.

 I went over to the mall and got them done... I love how they turned out but I was there nearly three hours. Bit much! But at my price I won't complain.

After I brought home some food and Ryan and I sat on the couch and watched television for a bit before we went off to spend my birthday giftcards. At Kohls I got a gorgeous red pea coat (with a hood!) since I have wanted a red coat for years. At Old Navy I got two long sleeved shirts, two tank tops, and a nice blue work shirt. At Shoe Carnival I got a gorgeous pair of grey boots that I cannot wait to wear.... so Ryan definitely did well for me for my birthday!

Then wen we went home to drop off my bags something unexpected happened....

A tornado warning! My phone started letting off a siren sound and we flicked on the television to see the red radar hovering directly over us. My husband quickly ushered the dog and I into our guest bathroom where we quickly realized we should at least look outside before we cower in the bathroom. Outside it was gray, not raining, but definitely did not look like tornado conditions. No green clouds, no rotation.... nothing! Fifteen minutes went by and the alert expired. I always thought a warning meant a funnel cloud had been spotted but the television never said one had been. Just have to keep things interesting I suppose!

Donna met Ryan and I at Ale House where I watched my Giants get their butts handed to them for their first game for the second year in a row. Sigh. At least I got a free dessert since it was my birthday!

All in all, a good, low key day. Let's hope 27 is a good year!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Accident

I have gone back and forth about whether or not I wanted to blog about this... I eventually came to the decision that to be true to this blog (which is about my life, marriage, and me) it is something that happened and I can do it and be done with it. Mostly. I will not discuss the details since the investigation and evertrhing is still pending but the basics can be known.
Labor Day Weekend was going to be a big weekend out for Ryan and I. His SDA starts at the end of September (something else I have yet to blog about) and I am currently cast in another show (ditto to previous parentheses) so we knew we would be entering a chaotic time and wanted to use this long weekend to spend time together. We had plans to go places in North Carolina we haven't visited yet and just spend it working on our relationship and stockpiling the joy for later use. Friday night after I got home from work we decided to go out for a drink, play some pool and then call it an early night... which we did. Saturday we wanted to wake up early and hit the road. Neither of us set an alarm and we woke up later than we planned, around ten am.
We got up, got dressed, packed a bag and got in the truck to drive about an hour to our first planned day trip, Fort Macon State Park. Well, we never made it to the state park. On our way we had a rather awful car accident that left our truck totaled, another truck damaged, and a car slightly damaged. We were the most hurt out of everyone and we were fortunate that our injuries were not severe. Looking at the truck at the accident and at the storage place later I cannot believe we walked away as unhurt as we did. Ryan's arm wen't through the driver's side window and left cuts up and down his left arm. The airbag burned his wrist (friction burn) and nearly cut his other arm. His toe was jammed/possibly broken and his leg was bruised. All of my injuries came from the airbag or the seat belt, which both did their jobs and saved our lives. Both my knees were badly bruised from the airbag deploying and the cover whacking into me, and my seatbelt left a string of bruises across my stomach, chest and shoulder.
But, like I said, we are so lucky that we walked away with just minor injuries. I debated posting the pictures of our truck but I will, just so I remember how awful this accident was and how lucky Ryan and I truly are.
At the scene.

At the storage facility later on.
Some of you may know this truck once belonged to Ryan's grandfather. After he passed away we purchased the truck from his grandmother. Ryan was very, very proud of this truck and took really good care of it and this accident was awful in every way, but adding the fact that it was his grandfather's truck on top of it all really hurt. I am convinced we had a special guardian angel watching over us.
My friend Donna picked us up after the accident, which I am very grateful for, and took us home. The rest of the day was spent mostly on the couch, icing our bruises and watching Star Wars.
One of the few strokes of luck we did have was that my parents happened to be nearby when this all happened. They decided to take a random, last minute trip to the beach for the weekend and we were able to meet up with them for dinner that evening. Ryan and I made sure we both took a turn getting into a vehicle and driving again even though we were a bundle of nerves. My parents offered to let us keep their minivan (since they have four cars for three people at home, the van has been kept for long road trips basically) until we get a new vehicle. We agreed and my parents rented a car to drive home Monday... a red Mustang that went my parents pulled up to meet my brother had him green with envy!
 Sunday we decided to go to the ER on base to get checked out... and by we decided I mean Ryan had to for work and said if he was getting checked out I had to be as well. It was a long, long visit, nearly seven hours but we both checked out alright. We had to be seen in separate rooms but we passed the time texting eachother, watching TV (Alton Brown and then Indiana Jones) until we got to be sent home.

I never knew how sore you could feel after a car accident. Sunday, when we woke up, my entire body ached. It felt like I had done a strenuous, full body workout the day before... every muscle and joint was just aching. Ryan and I were limping around for a few days following the accident as our bodies turned multi colored from our various bruises.

My big seatbelt bruise

Like I mentioned, we were very very lucky to walk away in the state we did. I have never been in an accident like this before and it was the loudest, most terrifying thing. We knew it was happening and there was nothing to be done at the time to stop it. All I could do was close my eyes and hold my breath and pray in my head until it was over. Our weekend did not turn out at all like we expected. Since then it has been nothing but talking to insurance companies, figuring out our next steps, looking for another vehicle, and waiting to see what the next step is. Our nerves our frayed and our tempers are a bit shorter than usual, but we will get through this. This too shall pass.

Thank you to everyone who checked in with us, asked if we were alright, and sent good karma and prayers in our direction. We really, really appreciate it.