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Monday, March 7, 2011

Surgery Story

Follow along with this journey here and here...

I know since my surgery I have been a pretty poor blogger, so hopefully this will change that! Welcome to the new followers too! I was pretty surprised when I saw how many people were there. Wow!

Ok, going back to February 23. Mind you some of this gets pretty hazy since I was heavily medicated :P

I woke up around eight or so and showered and got ready. I had to shower with antibacterial soap and could not wear any lotion, deodorant, or make up. The lack of deordorant makes me feel icky so I kid you not I pretended to put some on (with the cap on the container) so I could mentally trick myself! No eating, no drinking... not even water since midnight. So of course I am starving and would kill for a glass of water. But no matter. I can do it for a few hours.

We are about to head out the door around 9am to get my mom from the hotel when my phone rings. It's the hospital. They want to know if we can push my 12 noon surgery to 2pm. Ok. A couple extra hours. We go and get my mom and come back to the apartment to watch tv and wait it out. I have to get to the hospital at 12 now instead of ten so a few episodes of the Office later we're on our way.

Somehow we find a parking spot and I get into the check in area before noon. I register, which took all of ten minutes, then head to a waiting room. I sat in said waiting room for maybe an hour. Mind you it is close to one now, I have not had anything to eat or drink, and I am all jittery! I finally get called back for vitals and I have to say goodbye to my mom. Ryan comes back with me while I get changed into a gown and some rocking brown socks with funky bottoms so I don't slide.

Waiting pre-surgery

I was told that my wedding band had to come off because the way the do the cut for surgery involves an electrical charge (?!!). The ring was jammed on so the nurses actually had to get some lubricant for my finger to get it off! I gave it to the hubby for safe keeping. I get some tests done and Ryan and I just had to wait. Mind you in the mean time the pre-op nurses had some sort of party so all of them keep walking by with cookies! Ugh! I was so hungry at this point, as was Ryan. He had a piece or two of toast but he was trying to not tempt me. My nurses were great and really funny, they kept making fun of one another and they even sneaked Ryan two cookies, one for him for then and one for me later, post surgery.

Since Georgetown University Hospital is a teaching hospital I had a student doctor in training come ask me lots of questions too. Not bad. Eventually my doctor came in with yet another student and began to draw. With blue permanent marker he marked all over my chest. I was a little embarassed standing there topless with two male doctors but luckily my husband was right behind me holding my hand the entire time. Then I was waiting more. 2pm passes, then 3pm... at this point I am waiting for the anesthesiologist to come talk to me. Waiting waiting. Eventually the nurses needed to have a pow wow so they move my bed/stretcher thing to another bay where I wait some more. Ryan and I begin to play checkers on his phone to pass the time. Then an anesthesiologist in training (yes another student) comes and starts an IV for me. I was just getting some much needed fluids at that point but awaiting the drug that would "calm me and make me loopy" before going in... her words not mine!

Finally the darn anesthesiologist shows up and signs my paper and suddenly I am getting wheeled to the Operating Room at 4 fricken pm. PANIC! I am squeezing Ryan's hand and wondering where my darn loopy shot is! They let Ryan walk with me right about to the OR door. I got to kiss him goodbye, say I love you, and then I was in the OR. Wide awake. Oh my god. I had to force myself not to look around as they had me transfer myself onto the table. I remember looking at a green wall, no one said anything at all to me, and suddenly it is a lot later.

I wake up feeling hazy. I remember thinking, "Wow I am not in that much pain. And I am pretty alert. Not bad! I hope my boobs are small." Hah. According to Ryan I was as high as a kite. I kept asking him trivial questions like if they went to eat during my four hour surgery. Duh. I remember him and my mom coming in, getting my wedding ring back, asking if they looked different, and feeling the need to assure them I was ok. I think I said, "I feel great, but I am pretty tired so I may need to take a nap now." Then I conked out and woke up much much later in my real room. I was still hooked to an IV. I was in and out for a long time. Anytime I woke up someone asked me if I was in pain... I'd say yes and they'd put a shot in my IV. It burned like HELL in my hand and then I conked out again. I remember seeing my mom and Ryan eating dinner at one point and then saying goodbye to my mom, insisting I was fine with Ryan driving her home.

At some point I woke up and was alert. Around 10pm I think. I met my nurses and told them I really had to pee. I was hooked up to some leg decompressors (to prevent blood clots) and had to be unhooked to go to the bathroom. Of course I was very confused as to why my toilet had a bucket in it, but they needed to track my out going liquids apparently. I get back in bed, re-attached to my leg things, and start to feel my chest is pretty darn sore. and I have drains coming out of my sides into these little grenades.

Every hour or so someone would come in and wake me up, ask if I was in pain, give me a burning shot, then I'd conk out again. Ryan was sleeping in a chair/bed next to me the entire time. Around 11pm I started to watch TV and ate some graham crackers which were AMAZING to me at that point. I was still semi out of it though, evident in the text messages I sent. My friend Dell asked if I was ok and I replied "Sore, on drugs, and watching Laverne and Shirley. I have noooo recollection of watching Laverne and Shirley. At all.

Right before check out

Around 5am they had the student doctor and a few other people come in and check on me. Looking down at my stitches made me freak out a bit but otherwise I was alright. At 7:00am I got the best breakfast. French toast (my favorite) bacon and some grapes. I got more burning shots (I later found out the burning shot was morphine, damn that stuff is powerful!)and was told I could check out when I was ready. Around 11am we checked out and I got wheeled to the car. We picked up my mom and then I got plonked on the couch.

We started watching The Office and I passed out again. Percocet became my best friend and I spent most of the day in and out on the couch. I woke up and ate a chicken sandwich at one point. With cucumber salad. And potato wedges. I was hungry. That night they got me into bed and I slept pretty well. I woke up a few times, took more drugs, and passed out. Ryan slept on the couch because he was worried he'd roll over and knock my drains or something. I fought it at first but I was too out of it to really fight back. He set up the portable DVD player for me so I could sleep bnetter (I can't sleep alone in the room unless the TV is on).

Day two home was not that good. I was on some strong antibiotics and I got violently ill. I could barely keep water down. After a paniked call to the resident on duty I was perscribed Zofran which is a miracle pill. Seriously. Thank you makers of Zofran.

Ryan and my Mom watched a LOT of the Office and kept me company while I lied on the couch. Ryan was a trooper and cleaned my drains and bandages daily for me and recorded the outtake, I could barely look when he did! Saturday morning my best friend Sam drove down to hang out and visit with me. We watched a lot more tv, at lots of take out, and caught up. Mom and Sam helped me clean up and wash my hair, which was wonderful. Sunday the two of them took a trip to Georgetown Cupcakes and came back with SEVEN DOZEN. Their order accidentally got doubled and they left me a dozen of magical healing cupcakes. Man I love them.

Sunday Mom and Sam helped Ryan deep clean the ENTIRE apartment. I felt awful watching my best friend and my mom clean while I sat around but it wasn't like I could help. Sunday night Mom and Sam drove home and I started to wean myself off percocet. As you saw from the Damn Drains entry I did, it did not work to my advantage.

Flowers from work, they're gorgeous!

Flowers from Mom, they smelled great.

Now the surgery story is done! I will write more of the aftermath later, but I am very happy. This entry is long enough! Thanks if you read it all and thank you to all my guest bloggers for helping me out. (Ryan was a tad put out that he didn't get more comments on his entry but I told him a few of you emailed me!) Stitches come out tomorrow (:


  1. Glad everything turned out good :)

  2. I'm happy for you, and glad things went smoothly!

    I'm a nurse and it's really interesting to me to see this from a patient's perspective. I've never had surgery but I've had tons of patients before, during, and after theirs so this was cool haha.

    Congratulations on your new & improved boobies haha :).

  3. mmmmm I bet those cupcakes really made you feel better! They look amazing!

  4. You just gave me deja vu from when I had my gallbladder surgery. I had completely forgotten about what they did before I went under. Those cupcakes look delicious!! I want to go Georgetown! Let me know if you want to get together soon. :)

  5. Awhh, You had such great company :)
    I can't wait to see you, we really really need to plan something and stop talking about it. ha

  6. Yay!!!! I'm so glad that it went well!!! It was so good you took your time to heal and that everyone around was so awesome :) ♥


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