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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Christmas Decorations

Before we undecorated I took some pictures of our Christmas decorations. I defintitely wanted to share them with you all before it got too late!
We got a ton of Christmas cards this year and I tried to display them like I did last year... but we got so many! I made our door into a present and then hung all the cards up... and then just kept adding and adding.
I have had this advent calendar since I was a kid. You add all the Christmas-y characters in the days leading up until Christmas and the last one is Santa.
 Our mantle is one of my favorites... we have all our stockings including one for Rylie this year. On top is parts of the Christmas village I got from my grandparents. The had this village under their tree for years and I was so happy that they let me have some of it for my own family.
 A close up on some of my favorite parts of the village.
 Our tree.... during the daytime.
And a shot from when we decorated it. Our star didn't light up this year but we'll get a new one next year.
 Our nativity set. It was a wedding gift to us and a big tradition in our family.
 Outside we put a poinsetta for a little color but we had to make sure the Dup couldn't get near it.
And our wreath. I made this last year in Alexandria and it is a little rough looking. Maybe next year I will get better at the crafty thing and make a better one.
And of course our lights at night. My husband did an amazing job putting these up for us. I will be sad when they aren't up and on anymore!


  1. Love all the decorations! The angel at the top of our tree wouldn't light this year either...weird!

  2. Looks...looked great! I love the little village.


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