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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Charleston SC

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on the last entry. I really appreciate the support the blog world had to offer. Second, I missed my three year blogging anniversary! A few months ago I had thought I could plan a big celebration but then I stopped blogging and completely missed it. Oops.

But I am slowly getting back on track as are things here. It's a start.

Last week, for the 4th of July, Ryan and I boarded Rylie for the first time and drove down to Isle of Palms and Charleston South Carolina. Ryan has always loved Charleston and dreams of retiring there, and now that I have visited I am slowling coming on board! Back when we were dating Ryan worked with Dave, a man who seems to know everyone, is a huge conservationist, and involved in the government in a multitude of ways. Mr. Dave moved to Isle of Palms a few years ago and graciously opened his home to us for a few days.

We had a wonderful time. It was hot, but we made sure to explore Charleston regardless and then cool off at night by walking to the beach and body surfing until the sun went down! Here are some pictures from our trip.... sadly they were all taken on my iPhone as I forgot my camera .

The bridge coming in to Charleston. Man this thing is huge and can stand hurricanes... I am impressed. And slightly terrified. I hate driving on bridges over water!

Loved the buggy rides! But it was too hot to want to sit behind a horse... for me anways.

I loved this church. I believe it is St Michaels?
These baskets were for sale everywhere. I really wanted to get one, they are gorgeous, but a tad expensive!
This park was wonderful. I wanted to climb the trees so badly. It was just beautiful.

 I have tons of pictures of all the houses, I will gladly live in any one of them if given the chance! The big porches and balconies just set my heart a twitter! Maybe if we win the lottery retiring here would be a great option.

It was so hot my camera lens on my phone got hazy. I tried to clean it and take this a few times but this was the best I could get!

These kids totally had the right idea. I wanted to join them! No one would mind the 24 year old dressed in shorts and a purple shirt jumping around with the kids... right?

Once the heat started to get pretty rough I realized we needed to have a cool down. Lo and Behold, out of the haze, rose this sign....

Some wine for the both of us, a cigar for the hubby and a good game or two of chess in a lovely air conditioned building. Perfect. We may have sat around too long because we still wanted to go to the market and it was closing up by the time we got there, so we went back the next day!

We were a little smarther this time and drove around in the nice air conditioned car. We saw more houses on Rainbow Row and in town...

And then we drove over to the Citadel. My 15 year old brother Stefan just spent a week there at camp and loved it. In three years, when he goes to college, this is where he dreams of going. So naturally, as his big sister, I had to check it out. The place was completely deserted so we got to drive around at our leisure and take a look.

Visitors Parking.... for helicopters only! :P

Much better, less hazy picture of the two of us on the 4th of July!
 For the fourth Mr. Dave told us to pick up some Melvins BBQ. My husband was in heaven. In the part of SC where Ryan grew up Maurice's BBQ is the best thing since sliced bread. It is a yellow, mustard based BBQ that I have to admit is pretty awesome. Well, in Isle of Palms Maurice's brother Melvin opened a store, so Ryan got some yellow BBQ and was one happy camper!

Oh, I am such a creeper... did I mention Mr. Dave has Degas ballerina sketches???? I sigh with longing everytime I pass them. They are just gorgeous.
 After BBQ and swimming we cleaned up and walked back to the beach to watch the fireworks. From our vantage point we got to see three different towns shoot off their fireworks. Perfect. And I had my new eShakti dress for the occassion!

The finale is one of the few fireworks pictures I got. Sadly the iPhone does not capture fireworks too well. At least not in anyway that I know how to do it!

We were on the road bright and early the next morning to go pick up the pup (who was exhausted from boarding) and clean the house before my mother in law, sister in law, and grandmother in law arrived for the weekend. We had a terrific visit together and I think that week was something that did us all good.



  1. Oh my happiest place in the world!!! WHY DIDN"T YOU TAKE ME! You did just about everything I could have possibly suggested!! How fun!!!

  2. What a neat city! I really want to go there. I did spend a few days at the Air Force base but didn't get to explore the city.

  3. Beautiful! We are about 5 hours away from there but I'm hoping to make a trip there before next summer! Your pictures make me want to go even more now!
    New follower from http://wifemomworklife.blogspot.com/ Hope you'll come by and follow back! ~Jen


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