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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

237th Marine Corps Ball

This year our ball was actually held on base. Most people I talked to went to Greenville or Myrtle Beach, but due to some of the regiment being in 29 Palms and then a rifle range, ours was a little later than everyone else's and close to home. There are perks, like a shorter drive to and from, but it would have been nice to walk up to a hotel room and crash instead of just going home... or to a friend's house for a sweatpants party like we did!

My friend Lacey, from The Mousetrap, came over and did my hair and make up for me. I was so grateful as I am very cosmetically challenged! I think she did a wonderful job and it was nice to hang out with her while we got ready. She even drove us to the ball in Ryan's truck and dropped us off before returning to our house to get her car! It definitely saved us a lot of trouble getting cabs or returning for a car the next day.

The hair and make up
Once we got to the ball it was cocktail hour so we mingled and enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up (and naturally the few underdressed. Most I feel bad for but some in particular I knew were wives who had been before and still looked like they were going to the club)! Every year I take pictures of the cake and this one was huge!

 And a wife in the unit also made a cake that was displayed as well. Very cool!!! I was too full to try both cakes but this one did look awesome.
 After the cocktail hour we made our way into the ballroom on the right side for the ceremony. One ballroom was for the ceremony, the other for dinner. While we ate the ceremony room was cleaned out and set for dancing. Both bars were set up in between... interesting layout but it works!
Waiting for the ceremony to start. Luckily we had decent seats and I could actually see what was going on this year!

This year Ryan's Master Sgt was the oldest Marine in attendance, so I made sure to get a picture of him getting the piece of cake! The youngest Marine was born in 1993 (the same as last year's youngest) but it still makes me feel old.
 After the ceremony we made our way to the other ballroom for dinner. Unlike last year we knew everyone at our table, including some very good friends of ours, and it made a big difference! We were all talking and laughing and had a great time. We had a salad, then the entree of steak and chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes and then of course the cake. All the ladies received roses when we entered the ballroom and we all had unit coins and glass mugs at our place when we sat down. Bonus points for them not being stolen this year!
Ryan and I at dinner

My good friend Chelsea and I

Outside by the river... it was chilly!

The four of us
We also managed to get a few pictures of the entire shop where my husband works. A few serious ones, and then the guys got bored and started goofing off! We were just waiting for the next part of the ceremony to start after dinner so we had plenty of time for pictures.

One of my favorites

I realized I never saw the back of my hairstyle so Chelsea took this for me! I love how it came out!

After the pictures and a small break we went back into the ballroom for the guest speaker. Sgt Major Featherstone is now retired and working at the Pentagon. He was an extremely motivated speaker and definitely exemplified "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" quote... both in person and in his speech. I enjoyed listening to him and the room was ringing with OOHRAHs!

After the guest speaker we went and danced around a bit and talked to our friends. I got to meet some terrific people (and bloggers!) and really enjoyed myself. We only danced a few songs, one slow one and a few line dances and a ridiculous attempt at a tango that literally had me out of breath and made us the only people on the dance floor! But we are getting old now so we didn't cut a rug too much. My friend Jess took this picture of us on the way out and it is definitely one of my favorites from the entire evening.
After the ball Ben and Chelsea drove us home and we changed into sweats, jumped back in the car and went to their house to hang out and relax a bit. I was a little older than a lot of the other girls there but Chelsea and I are about the same age and get along great so I had a wonderful time. By the time we collapsed into bed at 4am I was out like a light!

Happy Birthday Marines! Thank you for giving my husband and I an amazing and meaningful night together.


  1. You look gorgeous! Glad you had such a good time...I miss the ball!!!

  2. Our youngest Marine was born in 1993 too! Ugh, I'm an old lady!

    For some reason we always have these amazing WWII vets as our oldest Marine. This year, he double as our guest speaker and was born in 1920 and saw action in every major conflict until the 80's. Impressive. And even after retiring they kept calling him back to help with training and such for specialized stuff. WOW!

    Looks like you guys had a lovely ball! You look amazing!


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