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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beach with the Pup

Yesterday we took Rylie girl to the beach for the day. She finally had her cone of shame removed after two weeks, so we had to run her around like crazy to celebrate!! We drove down to Topsail Beach and the pup had a BLAST. Ryan ran her up the beach for awhile first and then they dove into the water.

 At first Rylie was way out there with Ryan, but once the waves started pushing her around she was a little unsure of things. For most of the day she was content to splash around in the shallows, chase birds, run with her Daddy and lie in the sand. She also enjoyed some nice frisbee playing, another first!



I took way too many pictures, but it was so cute! How could I not?! (Gosh I pity my readers when I have kids... you think the pictures of the puppy is bad? Good thing you all have awhile to wait! The pup is baby enough for us for now.) We both burned a little bit. I put on sunscreen but I forgot the top of my legs! I had shorts on that I wanted to leave on, but Rylie got them soaked so I took them off and forgot about sunscreen. MISTAKE. My legs are burrrrrrrrrrrrrned. Badly. A little on my chest and shoulders too. Sigh. Fair skin at the beach is no fun!

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  1. Pup looks exhausted but happy! I'm sure she is very happy to be rid of the cone of shame!


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