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Thursday, June 14, 2012


We finally got the furniture we have been waiting for! Our Master Bedroom set was ordered the week we moved in and it arrived over a month later. Then we waited for the mattress. Then we had to settle on a dining room set we both liked and could afford. After two months we finally have it all together. We are sleeping in our Master Bedroom (and using the awesome updated Coca Cola Master Bathroom) and have a real dining room. For two years we used an old party table my parents had and chairs from IKEA. They worked great in the apartment, but now it is time to have real stuff!

Here it is!

Our new dining room set. We went to six different stores and got priced on this one three different times. Finally the right sale came along. Thank you liquidation sales!!
Our china is unpacked for the first time since we got married! The apartment had no room for it and I didn't want it to break. I am so glad it is finally out where it belongs!

Champagne flutes and our wedding toasting glasses

AND it lights up!!! 3 different levels of brightness.
  Now just to remind you this is our Master Bedroom BEFORE...

And now, AFTER...
Our master bedroom. Curtains are hung, furniture is in, french doors are functional! Sorry it is a little dark in the picture, it is so bright in there. Ryan said this is his favorite room in the house.

I have a mirror!

It is totally official since our wedding picture is hanging. We need some more art work and to hang our TV but it looks great!

Antique shopping got me more Coca Cola signs and knick knacks. Signs are even in the shower!

Love the knick knacks. I need to stop.

Moved some signs around

I got a proper Coca Cola glass now too

We added just a valence in here and our spare bed room is ready for use. Who wants to visit?


  1. Wow! It all looks wonderful!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It all looks amazing :) I was in our local Dollar General here in Oklahoma and I seen Coca-Cola stuff (plates, bowels, glasses) and instantly thought about you! Please come check out my blog... Miss Kay's Journey Through Life @ http://misskaybick.blogspot.com/

  4. Aww, I love all your grown up furniture!! :)

    I've given up on having nice stuff from a lot of stuff being destroyed from so many moves, so our house looks like a college dorm room!! ;)

    Maybe someday!!


  5. I love the new furniture!!

    Thank you so much for purchasing two puzzle pieces! We greatly appreciate it!


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