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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Weekend We Actually Did Stuff!

As you can tell from the state of my blog my husband and I have been kind of homebodies living in North Carolina. We spend our weekends together, usually watching Netflix (PS - Anyone else watch Doctor Who?? SO obsessed!), going to the beach or occassionally a movie. Well this weekend we socialized and got out of the house... and it was terrific.

Friday was a mandatory fun day with Ryan's unit, a beach bash. The sky was gray and rainy all morning so I wasn't thrilled to be going, but I am glad I did. We always heard the beach on base was terrible and drove to South Topsail. Wrong! We loved it! The surf was pretty rough from all the rain and storms but it is a nice beach. There was good BBQ and other things like horsehoes and a rock wall behind the dunes but we stuck with the beach. We played football and swam mostly. Well I tried to swim but it was a really strong current. Ryan would get in and end up a mile down the beach trying to body surf.

I actually got to meet some other wives/girlfriends and I got along with them.... alleluia! It has been a sloooow process for me meeting people so I am very thankful. Ryan recently got a new guy Ben in his shop and he and his wife Chelsea are great, we all stayed at the beach way after everyone else left and have the sunburn to prove it! Chelsea got me addicted to a new beach habbit, searching for shark teeth!
I was nowhere near as good at spotting them as she was but I have a nice little start to our collection. Whenever we go to the beach on base I know what I will be doing! After frying in the sun the four of us went back to our house and had a nice cook out together and lit a fire in our firepit to enjoy some wine with. For once it didn't rain! So Friday was a good day!

Once again Saturday loomed all gray and rainy. We had planned to meet Nicole (from Flip Flops and Combat Boots) and her husband Danny at the Snead's Ferry Shrimp Festival but the weather was not looking promising. We gave it some time and the downpour started to fade so we decided to chance it! Glad we did!

Sure most of the day was spent at the beer tent, so obviously we had a blast! I had some good peach beer and we all tried some shrimp at some point throughout the day. It is a small world and a smaller Marine Corps, because Ryan ran into one of the guys who worked in the office that recruited him. The last time this guy saw Ryan was when my husband was seventeen years old! But he does have a very distinct walk that makes him completely identifiable. We sat with him and his wife and friends and had a great afternoon.

Nicole's picture... I am stealing it because I was camera-less and didn't take any phone pictures!
As you can see my right shoulder is already quite burnt.... after sitting in the sun on that bench for hours my back went from the red of my shoulder to straight up lobster. It is that fun sort of tingly sunburn that is very very uncomfortable! We wore sunscreen at the beach but I now know never to ask my husband to buy sunscreen because he thinks SPF 15 is acceptable. Have you seen how pale I am!? Blonde hair is a sign of the permanently untanned.

After a few hours at the Festival we went back to Nicole and Danny's and ordered pizza. Nicole and I took a trip to our house to get Rylie so Rylie and Miley finally had a puppy play date!
I think Rylie sufficiently annoyed the bejeezus out of Miley but she was a very good sport! They ran around and shared toys and whenever Miley laid down Rylie bothered her again until she got up. She is still such a  puppy! I think Miley also got a thorough spit bath from the neck up from Rylie's tendency to give kisses and chew on ears....

Sunday we went to church and sat on the couch and watched Netflix. We were beat!

Fantastic weekend though and totally worth the sunburn.


  1. that's awesome! I think it's easy to be homebodies at Lejeune. Lol. We tend to be that way. Would still love to get together sometime! Don't know if you ever got my email-- may have got lost in cyber space :( feel free to just leave a comment on my blog. Glad you had a good weekend :)

  2. Wait! What unit is your husband with? You don't have to respond, but we totally had our beach bash on Friday too - at the base beach! Um, how crazy would it be if they are in the same unit and we were there too?

  3. Big Dr. Who fan here! OMG! Anyway, glad you guys had fun at the beach... I wish there was a beach near us.

  4. Sounds like a good weekend! I really need to check out Doctor Who...


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