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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wishful Wednesdays

When your mom calls you and tells you that you have been neglecting your blog it is time to write again. My life has been busy, but not interesting. Writing just hasn't been there and I have been lacking in picture taking. Daily life revolves around keeping up with the house, playing with The Dup (aka Rylie), rehearsals, and quality time with my husband. I rehearse every evening from 6-10 and he barely sees me once he gets home. It is only temporary, I mean the show is in less than three weeks at this point, but I know we both don't like missing out on time together.

So I decided to come up with this prompt to make myself write, even if it happens once a week it will bring me back until my motivation fully returns.

Wishful Wednesday. Simple. What are you wishing for these days? It can be big, small, or anything in between. These are my wishes for the time being...

I Wish....

Super Ty could have a miracle. I have read this blog for years and it is breaking my heart. Please pray for Ty and his family during this incredibly difficult time.

Rylie would listen. This dog is driving me crazy and just not listening. She listens to Ryan more than me, but even that is dwindling.

The show goes well. It is getting into crunch time and the butterflies are coming!

I could find a day job I love. Nearly impossible in this town.

I could make money acting. I love it and I don't mind in the least doing this show for free, but it would be nice to be paid to do what I love!

My house could vacuum itself.

It would stop raining so Rylie can be in the backyard without looking like a chocolate lab.

I had a killer fall wardrobe... and a need for one. SAHW really don't need to look good.

and last but not least...

I wish my blogging motivation would return. I miss blogging and feeling like I had a purpose. I miss writing for SpouseBUZZ. I wish for more purpose.

What are you wishing for these days?

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  1. wow... i definitely felt like this when I moved to j-ville, and sadly enough it took me a while to get over it. It's completely annoying to feel like this... I know all too well, but trust me, it will get better!

    I think the biggest thing I would say (which it sounds like you are staying positive), but don't blame the city. So many girls I know get super negative about this little town and it soon controls them, and they are a pain to be around because they always compare J-ville to "wherever".

    You WILL find a job and your motivation WILL return! I hope your days start looking up! It's sometimes hard to find motivation, but it will come! just keep searching and keep active :)

    Anyways, I'll keep my eyes peeled for any good job notices I come across...


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