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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guest Post: Handling with Grace?

Hopefully we are making progress in the house! Today's blogger is Jamie from Handling With Grace?, she is an awesome blogger so be sure to check her out!

Hi!  My name is Jamie
and I blog over at Handling With Grace? 
I am a Navy wife and mother to a two year old daughter.  Allie is currently doing her first PCS move
so I am popping in to say hi while she is busy.

So it got me thinking. .. PCS’ing.  For most of us it is a undeniable
reality.  Whether we like it or not, as
long as our husbands stay in the military, Uncle Sam tells us where we are
going to live.  Sometimes we get lucky-
the stars align and we end up where we want to be, when we want to be
there.  It seems like this is happens
less often than we would like.

{In the midst of the chaos- our most recent PCS}

It is a pretty rare opportunity that we have though.  We get to transform our lives every 3 or 4 years.  We will get new neighbors, new friends, a new
job… everything.  It’s like New Years Eve
resolutions on crack.  You can literally
decide to be a different, better version of yourself every couple years in
front of an audience that didn’t know the old you.  

{Exploring our new city- The White House}

It is an interesting way to think about PCS’ing, right?  It is not being forced to pick up and leave
everything that you know and love every few years but an opportunity to experience
a transformation and re-birth for ourselves every few years.

On my blog, Handling With Grace?, every Monday different
bloggers review their current duty station so that the rest of us military
spouses can learn about potential duty stations (and maybe even make a friend!)
before we get there.  Come check it out or
email me to join in!  

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