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Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend in the Mountains

I am a tad behind here, sorry!

Last weekend, we went to visit my parents for Veteran's Day. We left early Friday and stayed through Tuesday morning and definitely enjoyed the western part of North Carolina. Friday was all driving and a nice turkey dinner and an early bedtime.

Saturday they made me climb a mountain.

 I am so not in shape. I take ballet once a week and that is about it. Climbing a mountain is not my cup of tea anymore! Ryan went into Marine mode and my brother Stefan quickly joined him. The two of them and Rylie left me in the dust as they raced up the steep trail. Luckily my dad was nice enough to stay with me, forgetting the fact the boys had the sandwiches and the water! But once we got to the top it was worth the view... and we only got lost once. To get to John's Rock you have to go off the main trail and my dad took the wrong turn but we found it in the end. The boys passed it completely and had to double back. But it was gorgeous.

Luckily Ryan had enough of pushing himself and walked down the mountain with me. Then we rushed quickly drove back to town, went to mass, flew home to shower and change and then spent the night at the Cherokee Casino. We all had the buffet together and then my dad and brother went home while my mom stayed with us. The last time I was here they only had slots and computer games, but in August they added dealers and table games! Naturally Ryan and I played roulette. I lost, Ryan made $5, but we had a blast!

Sunday we slept in, went shopping and then and went and saw the elk down in Catalootchie.

There was a beautiful church down in the valley that I couldn't resist taking pictures of and to my surprise it was actually open! It had tons of leaves inside and a very weathered bible, but it was gorgeous.

Further down the road was stunning foliage (sadly nowhere near its peak anymore but still more than where we live!) more elk and turkies! I had to zoom in as you really cannot bother the elk without a massive fine or rangers attacking you, but I still managed to get some good shots (I think) from a distance! I will happily stand back and watch nature unfold. No need for me to interrupt.

The one who I think enjoys our visits the most is the Dup. Rylie girl loves running around in the moutains, swimming in the stream, and hanging with her granny, grandpa and uncle Stefan. She is so nosy all the time and really gets to let some energy out when we visit!

 First she had to help Grandpa pull some mums and weeds. Daddy was just being chatty.
 Then Rylie would climb her way up the stream, hopping slowly and sniffing and drinking.
 Then she would fly down as fast as she could in her own version of a Dup waterslide! So so cute!
 Then there was fetch with Uncle Stefan.
 Leaping over rocks like a baby deer.
More fetch.

Pausing to try and jump up to Mommy on the deck.
And then running back to the creek! She definitely had a great time!!!

Monday was low key, getting nails done and shopping some more and a nice family dinner before we left Tuesday. My parents have an exchange student for the school year named Ramon and we finally got to meet him as well. He was away in DC with the program until Sunday night so our visit with him was short. He is a very quiet, sweet kid from Spain and his English proficiency wasn't very high but he is getting there.

It was a great weekend and a perfect get away.

We will be back for Christmas and I am looking forward to my first Smokey Mountain Christmas! I will miss being with my New Jersey family though :(


  1. love these pics! Looks like a blast! And thank you for your sweet encouragement on my last post! Sure appreciate that!

  2. I love those views! Definitely worth the hike

  3. Aw look at you guys sporting your red sweaters again ;) Can Rylie be off leash? I'm so jealous! Looks like a great time, and great pictures!


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