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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where we are going...

For those of you who are friends with me on facebook this is old news, but we finally have received orders. Well... not "official" orders, but Ryan's monitor submitted orders to HQ which basically never changes them so it is 99.98% sure at this point, we are just waiting for them to stamp them and hand them over. So, where are we going?

Camp Lejeune North Carolina

People keep asking me if I am excited/bummed/happy/disappointed... truth be told I haven't really felt anything yet. It is closer to Ryan's family (about 4.5 hours) and a hair closer to mine (7 hours versus the current 8) and it will definitely be an easier move. It is what it is regardless and we have a LOT to do. Ryan graduates in mid-April and gets 8 days off to PCS and then the option to take more leave. We have to find a house, I have to find a job, move from Virginia, settle and hopefully go on the trip we have been talking about for ages. Not a lot of time and a whole lot to do! I am nervous... I have lived in DC/Alexandria for five years, moving to North Carolina is a bit intimidating. As is looking at real estate online.

Our budget is not huge. We know this is a starter home and we will most likely be moving in 3-5 years... too long to rent but too short to really invest in a 'dream house'. Our plan is to buy something close to base so we can rent it out/sell it to another couple or some Marines who want to live off base. This has been Ryan's major plan for a long time. My inner Negative Nancy cannot help but find a lot of areas where this plan can go wrong, but I have to trust him on this.

Our budget is probably better for a town home or a condo, but we are finding some cute things that are single family homes. We really need a realtor to sit down with (on the phone...) to help us out. Any recommondations are appreciated!

It is hard not knowing the neighborhoods... not knowing what areas of town to avoid or how the traffic might be or anything at all really! I know some of you lovely bloggers live there and if you have any insider information please feel free to send it my way.

I am also worried about a job. My company doesn't have a branch there (one perk California had) and it is still too far from Disney (also California perk!) for me to commute! I miss theatre and I know moving there is going to make that dream sail just a hair further out of reach. Ok, not going to get to down on you all, sorry!

But I wanted to share the news! I would have done so sooner but my internet is fried at the apartment (Comcast is coming Thursday) and work has been swamped! By the way, men cannot be responsible for sharing big information...

We were on the phone last week doing some small talk when Ryan starts talking about our budget.

Ryan - "Well in North Carolina I'd make X amount of money and rent in North Carolina would be X so we'd be pretty good. I think also the groceries in North Carolina..."
Me - "You sound pretty sure of North Carolina. What about budgets in California? Or Hawaii? Or Japan?"
Ryan - "Oh. Didn't I tell you? ... we're going to Camp Lejeune."


Word for word people. And he planned to tell me in this manner. He thought it was hysterical. He saw on MOL two hours before that the orders were going through and waited to tell me while he did budget figurations. Regardless of the fact he PROMISED me that he would tell me instantly and text me or call me.... men. Ryan did manage to tell me that it was a planned move on his part and he hadn't known long, two hours I guess is ok, and wanted to mess with me a bit. Luckily he told me before I started really yelling at him :P

EDIT: We are set to move after Ryan graduates which is in mid-April sometime... just a sidenote!


  1. I have worked in Alexandria for four months now and we still have never managed to meet up! I cant believe you are leaving now!

  2. We are in Jackonsville now..if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me! CJRork@gmail.com

    I don't know much about the difference because I've never been to DC, but I will tell you the differences I realized from Illinois to NC.

    It's very southern, but I'm southern so I'm used to that. Wal-mart is apparently the place to go, because you're lucky to ever find a parking spot there. If you can, shop at the commissary (but NOT on paydays or payday weekends. They don't put coupons out! try to wait until the second week after being paid to grocery shop. Also buy Rileys food here. So much cheaper.)

    You will see tons of tattoo shops and strip clubs. I'm not kidding. They are on almost every corner.

    We personally live in Swansboro. It's about 15 minutes from one of the side gates, and we live in a smaller townhome development that is quiter. I may just not be used to it, but Jacksonville seems so dirty to me! It's also VERY busy all the time. The traffic is freaking crazy! (Another thing I just may not be used to). I feel like no one knows how to drive correctly here. Everything is crammed together. You can get to basically anything your heart desires from Western Blvd.

    Lol, I feel like I wrote a book..seriously, if you have any questions, please ask! I personally would love to move on base. They are building ALL new houses and it's so much nicer and cleaner (and allows pets!) But my husband had less than a year left in when we went to sign up.

    I don't care for Jacksonville. I can't wait to move to New Jersey (something else totally new to me, it's where my husbands from) in May when he gets out. That's just my cup of tea though, you may be completely different! You are coming at the PERFECT time to start going to all the awesome beaches here! Emerald Isle is on of my favorites, and so is Top Sail and Wilmington, BUT the beach on base isn't too bad (plus Riley can go on the beach base too!)

  3. Awww! I would be a little frustrated if my husband kept that from me... for two hours ;) haha!

    Well.. We were at Cherry Point, NC and would often drive to Lejeune for movies/dinner. It's really not THAT bad. Like the lady above me said, you are close to beaches, shopping and Raleigh is only a few hours away.

    It's a small town with A LOT of people. As far as finding a house/condo I think you will have no time finding something. NC is cheap compared too *cough - cough* CA!!!! hah

    But yay! That's so exciting :) I'm sure it will all work out - it always does ;)

  4. I cant wait til you get down here! We def have to get together!

  5. I know a realtor that went to my local church there; Mike and Wanda Lowdermilk with Century 21. They're used to working with military and can get you what you're really looking for.

    We rented for 2 years while we were there because we found an awesome deal on a house near the beach and local state park in Swansboro.

    Jacksonville is loads cheaper than D.C., but there isn't as many things to choose from shopping wise compared to D.C.. GOOD shopping is in Raleigh or Wilmington.

    However, the surrounding beaches ROCK! There are loads of great churches to choose from, great local joints to find, and places outside the world of the USMC to explore.

  6. Ugh, lol! My husband springs big news on me the same way. Good grief!

  7. Let me know when you find houses you like and I can always tell you about the neighborhood or go check it out if I'm not familiar with it :-)

  8. I have to agree with Candice, Emerald Isle is AMAZING. I plan on renting a house there every summer when I have kids :)

    I don't know much about the area, but when we were looking at moving we got a LOT of neighborhood/crime information from the CityData message boards. You should definitely start browsing those a little. Good luck!

  9. Jacksonville isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I know you want to be close to base, but most of the time people who rent don't want to be SUPER close to base. The surrounding towns aren't that far, and because of traffic most people prefer to live a little further away from base. Danny's at New River so we don't have to worry about traffic, but Lejeune is craaaa-zy.. You'll find something!

  10. I am so happy for you! It may not be your first choice, but at least now you know and you can start planning! Don't give up on your passion (theater) I know you won't, but in some towns you may have to be more creative about how you get your theater fix. For example, you could start an after school program for kids in school, or something else. You can bring something you love as a gift to the new community you will be living in! Camp Lejeune will be lucky to have you two (and Rylie!)

  11. Aw man, we need to get together again before your big move! :/


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