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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pintrest: Good and Evil

Like most of the world, I am addicted to Pintrest. I will spend hours pinning things and tucking away ideas for our future home, family, crafts, clothes and recipes. Also, like most people, I am guilty of excessive pinning but not excessive doing. So I decided to start actually doing more of the things I am pinning! I had only done one recipe before, and it was delicious, so I decided to do it again. I saw the Cheddar and Cracker Baked Chicken everywhere so I gave it a go.


I loved the garlicy cheddar taste with the crackers for just the amount of crunch. I even put half in the freezer, unbaked, to make for later. It has been really hard for me to motivate myself to cook for one, so this recipe having the freezer option was very appealing to me. I highly recommend this one.

Now the second thing I tried to do was some no-heat curls. I have been reading this girl's blog for ages and her style is amazing. So I decided to try it! I need to figure out how I am going to do my hair for the Ball next week anyway, so I figured this would be a good chance to practice.

Step One: Twist hair until it twists itself into buns on your head. Secure in place, leave overnight.

Step Two: After an uncomfortable night of sleep, wake up and remove pins. Enjoy springy girls. Use your fingers to gently separate.

Step Three: PANIC!!!!!!!!!

Maybe my hair is too fine. Maybe it was too damp/dry. Who knows. All I know is that when I went to gently separate my twists I looked like a lion who had stuck its paw in an electric socket. No pretty curls for me. Straight up white girl afro. I look like my mom did in her senior picture, but it was the seventies so she had an excuse! I was at this point late for work so I had to shove my head under the faucet in the shower and squeeze globs of conditioner in my hair. Quick rinse, then blow dry and I was ready to go.

Slightly frazzled, but not demented.


My mom, husband, coworkers and the girls at BUNCO had a good laugh with me over it though! Looking back, I think it was hysterical. But now I definitely need another idea to curl my long, thin, fine hair for the Ball!!!


  1. OMG That's hilarious! thanks for the laugh!!!

  2. Oh, gosh, lol! :) That's hilarious!

  3. That's too funny! I think that's what happened to my hair last time I tried something like that. Hot rollers is all I can recommend. Good luck!

  4. visiting thanks to MilBlogging Buddies...so, so funny. :) I've had several major hairstyle Pinterest flops

  5. I have really fine hair and I tried the flat iron curling method. It worked AMAZINGLY well. I barely even needed product! :) Give it a go!


  6. This is the only way I do my hair and it doesn't look like that at all. A few pointers if you want to try again: less is more. Do fewer twists, the larger the twist the bigger the curl is. Also your hair should only be slightly damp (think one or two spritz from a spray bottle) before you twist it into a knot otherwise it won't dry completely. If you have a day to waste try washing you hair in the morning, air drying it until you hair is halfway dry then section off (remember you want big twists) and twist. Secure the twist and let it stay for two hours minimum then release, if twists are still damp blowdry gently while still loosely twisted and then using a wide comb gently separate. I wash my hair every four days and do this routine every wash day. My curls stay and get better every day I go between washing.

  7. LMAO my husband and I are cracking up. I did the same curling pin and the outcome was the same!!! Thank you for the laugh! (BTW we love that chicken recipe, too)!


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