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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Retrospect

Last year I wrote a 2010 Retrospect entry and I think it is only fitting to do one for 2011!! I love writing these entries because I look at most of it and go "Wow, that happened this year? It seems like ages ago." Time sure does fly...


Ryan experienced his first Swedish Christmas and we rang in the New Year with friends and family in New Jersey.
I met two fellow bloggers for the first time, Kaylee from Moore Kaylee and Holly from Semper Fi to Apple Pie
I did my first Vlog.
My cousin Christie gave birth to our family's first great-grandchild Kimmie.
And we sadly lost Ryan's amazing grandfather unexpectedly after a brain aneurysm. He was a wonderful man and his presence is very missed in this family.


The re-enlistment debate takes off in full force.
I did one of my most favorite guest posts ever... hint: it involves Disney!
I used Groupon for the first time to go to the DC International Wine Festival as a surpise for Ryan on Valentine's Day.
Ryan turned 23
My surgery , breast reduction from 36DDD to 36C, that was supposed to be in January happened at the end February. I had a whole slew of guest posts including my husband.


I wrote a post about what I was like in high school *shudder*
My cousin Kim gave birth to a beautiful boy named Gabriel
Cherry Blossoms bloomed and my best friend came to visit
25 Facts (out of 100) about me
We began to panic as Ryan's re-enlistment was drawing closer and it was not a good time for use to EAS...


Six weeks post-surgery I did a Before and After picture post
I posted facts 26-100 about me
Ryan's re-enlistment/MOS change finally starts to go through!
My car just had to get a little more banged up....
And I watched part of the Royal Wedding because Ryan forgot his keys!


Ryan and I had our first Wedding Anniversary!
I met some AMAZING ladies at the Milblog Conference!
I went to a Beauty Boot Camp for MilSpouses... appreciation!
My little brother got his black belt in tae kwon do
Thanks to google searches my Yoga entry takes over my blog stats! It is to date one of my most popular entries!
Ryan RE-ENLISTS for five more years! Whew!
A snake climbed up our apartment
I go to Arlington Cemetary alone on Memorial Day to say thanks, and see the president drive by


I made some delicious fried oreos for the first time
I found some important things NOT to say to a military spouse
We went on our first big married vacation, a week in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was so big it took me four separate entries to write about it!


We spent the 4th of July together and went to Mount Vernon
Ryan's Orders officially came in
And we made the difficult decision that I would stay in Virginia and he would go to 29 Palms, CA
We dogsat for Molly and I freaked out when she ate my birth control...
And I saw my FAVORITE artist Josh Groban in concert!

Ryan left July 31st for 8 months (now 9)


I wrote about Ryan's last week home and our trip to Busch Gardens, The Marine Corps Museum, and his going away party
Carrie and I started to become uber close and explored Mount Vernon and King Street
I took my first Solo Venture to the Irish Festival
At 23 years old I experienced my first earthquake... in Virginia!
My Poppy turned 89 and I went to visit
Hurricane Irene hit


I rediscovered the amazingness of a first kiss
We went to LAS VEGAS for Labor Day weekend!
I turned 24
It was the 10 year anniversary of 9/11
Nationals Game!!
For a surprise for Ryan I did a sexy boudoir shoot

I got to shoot my first national commercial

For a change I dyed my hair red


I slacked on blogging so I wrote a catch up entry about visiting NJ, swimming twice a week and loving pintrest
My commercial aired

Another big entry for me was my USMC Ball Dos and Don'ts
Ryan came home on leave for two weeks


I drove up to NJ to see my mom and won tickets to see Miranda Lambert!
After some debate I went completely back to blonde

Ryan and I attended the 236th USMC Birthday Ball in Palm Springs (Student Ball)
Thanksgiving meant Ryan was home and we went up to NJ to see my family


Ryan got promoted to Sergeant
Carrie and I went to lay wreaths at Arlington Cemetary
Roller Coaster hosted the Milspouse Blog Swap
I visited the Tear of Grief
500 posts!
Plus the best Christmas present ever.... Rylie!

All in all it was a pretty great year, but I am excited to see what 2012 will bring!!!

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