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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PCS - Part 4

The last post on our PCS/house, I promise!!

So after the kitchen and dining room we have our office. Not a desk in the middle of the living room. Spoiled, I know.

 This beauty is a solid cherry desk that we got on Lejeune Yardsales for $80! That sucker was heavy, trust me I helped Ryan get it out of the truck and drag it in here, but it was so worth it. I love it.

 Our old plywood rigged desk is now our printer area. We just, you know, have to get ink for them to work.

 My book case and our old bathroom drawers complete the office. Check out those gorgeous carpets too!

Another view of the desk with Ryan's Iwo picture, my diploma you could see in the first picture.

 Our hallway then leads to the bedrooms and the rest of the house. It is so nice to have wall space to hang pictures on!

 We have a laundry room!!! The washer and drier are awesome. After almost two years of driving my laundry to the barracks and spending three hours waiting on it, it is so nice to be able to throw in a load and go do something else until it is done. And only fold one load at a time! I know I will complain about laundry in the near future but for now it is a novelty. And I have a real vacuum! Man, I sound derranged don't I?

 This is our guest bathoom. We have our beautiful new floors that don't make me shudder to look at. Ryan installed towel racks and we used all the stuff from our apartment to furnish it.

I finally did a crafty pintrest project! Based on this pin I made that frame for our mirror. It was a pain in the butt but I am so glad I did it, it looks nice in my opinion! Ripping the tiles apart from the $10 sheet I got at Home Depot was the hardest part. I had to use tweezers to pull the glue off the back to separate them. Once I did that it was pretty easy. I used silicone adhesive and just stuck them up. The top was a little touch and go but thanks to a binder clip it set easily. Pin Accomplished!

 Now this is the spare bedroom. We painted it Shamrock, fittingly, and are currently sleeping in there. In the future it will be a spare room and way down the line maybe a nursery, but for now it works! Even with the random shelves.

 Another painting by my Poppa hangs above the bed. I sleep all curled up against the wall, something I have not done since I was living at home way back when!

 My lady bug photograph is hung in here above Ryan's dresser.

 And a real Genie drawing from Disney is near the door. He is my all time favorite Disney character voiced by my favorite actor Robin Williams. I was so glad to get that thing out of storage and hang it up! Ryan wasn't too thrilled but he is a wise man and let that one slide.

 Our master bedroom is still a work in progress. We ordered a whole new bedroom furniture set which will arrive in "2 to 8 weeks" so Rylie is still living in there for now. We also have french doors getting installed later this month instead of the beat up sliding doors.

 We painted it Blueberry Twist and love how the dark blue came out. It took two coats, same with the spare bedroom, but it worked out nicely in the end.

 The master bathroom is also a work in progress, it is going to be Coca Cola themed! If you are friends with me on facebook you saw I spent an outrageous amount of money on a shower curtain, so I will post pictures of it all once it is complete. Apparently Coca Cola fabric is discontinued, so any shower curtains or fabric curtains are very pricey. Good to know. What sucks is that I used to have a shower curtain back in college that gone thrown away during our many moves. REGRET.

The floors are MUCH nicer now and I will walk on them barefoot. I also will be tile framing the mirror this week, with a special Coca Cola touch. So far I have a shower curtain, hooks, a tooth brush holder, a mug and two vintage signs for the bathroom. Still looking for a trash can and maybe a few other touches. We have bright red rugs and red and white towels too.

 Also a big fan of our closet. Plenty of room. We share it, half and half (ok maybe 60-40). Command hooks were my friends for the belts and my purses and I also have a shoe organizer hanging that you can't see here. Love it.
 From the master bedroom you go into the backyard. Rylie has claimed this as her domain and we haven't done too much work yet. Stefan suited up and killed all the poison ivy and poison oak for us (I am highly allergic to it and couldn't even go near it) and my dad trimmed back the stuff growing on the fence.
 It is mostly pine needles, not a lot fo grass until you go on the side of the house. We plan on fixing the fence up, getting some of the pine needles up, and maybe a patio set in the future. A garden next year is also in the works. For now Rylie runs around and can be out of the way while we get stuff done!

 She does love playing back there. It is full of her favorite toy.... sticks. I spent so much money on toys for her and the dog is happiest when she has a stick. It's like buying a kid a pricey toy and they play with the box. Lesson learned :P

Poor pup pup. She does not like the cone of shame. She keeps catching it and trying to bite it off. Her coordination was not the best before but it is worse now. In the house she scrapes all along the walls, walks into furniture, takes us out at the knees and gets whiplash getting stuck. One more week pup! I promise!

And that friends, is our new home. I hope you enjoyed the tour and I can't wait to post more updates along the way, especially with the master bedroom and bathroom!

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