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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PCS - Part 3

Now the fun post.... what our new house looks like now!! We will start with the outside. Ryan worked hard to get it nice and pretty. He dug up a little bit around the entry path to put in flowers, including Primroses as we both had the Hunger Games craze going! That definitely made my day.

 Our nice pathway with primroses and some yellow and blue flowers I forget the name of. We also got a porch plant after this, I think it is an hibiscus.

 The yellow roses are GORGEOUS.

 And as expected we have our flag out until we can get the one over the garage fixed to hang a big one.

Now onto the inside.... the living room!

 One of my paternal grandfather's paintings is hanging over the mantle. The mantle we plan to add onto later.. we just aren't sure what we want to do with it yet! We have also had two fires in the fireplace already.

 I replaced the yucky brown cutrains with grey ones to match our wall and fireplace.

 Our dining room pictures moved into the living room. Rylie girl's bed will go below them in her spot once her cone of shame comes off next week. We just got her fixed on Tuesday so her bed is in her crate until we trust her to be back in the house without being a walking disaster!

Of course our bar pictures followed us along with our new security system ;) Next you walk into the dining room....

 The dining room is still a little bit bare... we plan on buying a real table and chairs and a CHINA CABINET! I am a little excited for that one.

 It looks nice and roomy though with not much in it!

And we have that nice little view way into the living room. Random, but it opens up both rooms nicely. Now my favorite room, the kitchen! I have always wanted a red kitchen and I was super excited when Ryan was on board for it too. I catered to both our tastes and did a wine themed red kitchen.

I love this picture! It makes the kitchen look SO nice. The rug used to be in our bedroom, I was hesitant to put it in the kitchen but Ryan convinced me. Now I just have to hope I don't spill anything on it. We painted it a very fitting color.... Red Red Wine. Coincidence, I swear!

 Behind the sink.
 Counter space!!!! Something we did not have in Virginia! My mom and I may have gone a little crazy at Walmart with all the red touches.

 My oven mitt and spice rack.

 The wine clock and our wine themed cafe curtains

 My wine apron, Disney apron, a Recipe for a Marine Wife and the door to our garage.

 Our wine rack is now on top of our cabinets and fits in perfectly. We also have a dishwasher! Appliance heaven for this girl.

And our two wine pictures from Virginia followed us here and work perfectly.

Ok, so I decided to split this up. I don't want to wear you all out with so many pictures! Today is Ryan's first day of work and our second wedding anniversary. I cannot believe we have been married two years. How time can fly. Two years down, a life time to go. (:

EDIT 12/15/14 PERSEC


  1. I love that kitchen!!! I have a wine/vineyard theme in my kitchen as well .. I love the red walls. Your house is super cute!

  2. It looks so cozy! Love the kitchen color :) Happy anniversary!

  3. Aww! I have enjoyed reading about your PCS move (: Now where exactly are you located in NC? The house looks great girl!


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