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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eat Right, Work Out.... Wait, What??

Last Sunday it happened.

I am not sure how exactly, but we were on the couch watching TV when my husband said, "Let's go for a walk." Ok. Rylie and I walked miles every day back in Alexandria... no big! So we started what has now become a nightly four mile (give or take) walk. We take the pup and head out as the sun is setting and the air is cooling. It's nice.

Somehow I got persuaded into doing an ab workout with push ups post walk. Did not enjoy that. My husband's ab work out is quick, fifteen minutes maybe, and it totally kicks my butt. Sore. Very sore. And somehow we are now eating better. Minimal snacking, less sugar, healthier meals, tons of fruits and veggies. I would kill for a brownie.

This all just sort of crept up on me! I think Ryan planned it that way to blindside me. Before I'd even realize what was happening we'd be working out (*shudder*) and eating better. It was a long time coming, I know, but man he is good. This week my abs hurt. The bottom, the top, the sides... add sore arms from push ups, sore legs from long walks and stretches and you have a 24 year old who sounds like an 84 year old trying to get out of bed. Or into it for that matter.

The food is a tiny bit easier than the work out... healthier recipes ala pintrest and yours truly being unemployed. Funny story how I got some fresh fish for us.

I figured we live close enough to the beach I should be able to find a fish market, right? The commissary doesn't even have a fish section (just a deli of sorts) so I was a woman on a mission. I googled a few places and asked around before deciding to head down to Snead's Ferry. Of course the instant I go outside it starts pouring down rain. I get on 17 S and STOP. Accident closes all but the left lane so my thirty minute trip took about an hour and a half. Because, naturally, once I get past the accident the rain starts again so heavily I can barely see the road. I have my wipers on full force and I am driving ten under the speed limit just to turn off 17 and have it be dry. It was weird, like it didn't even rain in Snead's Ferry yet.

Anyway I get to the first market on my list. I turn down this gravelly road (after passing, I kid you not, a street named Poverty Line Road) and see this concrete building on the water. No one is around. So I park and get out of the car and walk towards the building. Four very nice old men look at me like I am from Mars.

"Can we help you ma'am?"
"Um, yes. I'd like some seafood please?"
"Welllll we only have clams today. You want clams or fish?"
"I was hoping for some fish..."

I felt bad, but I really wanted some fresh fish, not shell fish. The guys recommended another place further down the road. At this point I have to pee like no other but I don't want to bug the old men any more. The next place is the same deal, only a slightly bigger concrete building.

"Yes ma'am, can I help you?"
"I was wondering if you all had any fresh fish?"
"What kind are you looking for?"
Aw hell. Um...
"I am not sure, tuna tilapia.... anything you have?"
"Ma'am, you'll be hard pressed to find fresh tuna 'round these parts. Tilapia is a fresh water fish. I have fish one, fish two, fish three, flounder and shrimp."

Well flounder was the only fish I recognized so I asked for that. Even now I have no idea what the other kinds were.

"Ma'am, do you know how to clean a flounder?"

I look into the big concrete freezer room and see a large, flat fish looking at me from the two eyes on the side of its head. Oh boy.

"Um, no. But maybe my husband does?"
"Do you want to call him and find out before you buy it?"
"Well, he is at work and probably won't pick up. We'll just wing it if he doesn't."
"Aw, shucks ma'am. If my brother was here I'd have him clean it for you. He does a nice job, but I'd probably just ruin the thing. I'm sorry."

I told him it was fine and paid $9 for my big ol' fish and got back in my car. At this point my eyeballs are swimming, I have to pee SO bad. I make it to a gas station, use the restroom, and find this gem of a sign.

It was on the condom machine in the ladies room. Only in the South, right?
So I finally get back into my car as the rain catches up to me in Snead's Ferry. Sigh. Another long, slow drive home. I get to the bridge the accident was on before on 17 and there is ANOTHER one. This time on the other side. The side I am on now. Great.

Overall trip time: 3.5 hours
Total fish purchased: 1

Next time I am going to Food Lion.

This is our flounder. Ryan scaled it mostly before I got this picture and then with the help of google and youtube tried to fillet it!
 Flounders and flat fish have four fillets. We got about two and a half. Oops. It is apparently a lot harder to fillet a flat fish than a normal one! I felt pretty bad about it, but the next day I made a pretty darn good dinner if you ask me...
Baked/breaded artichokes with grilled flounder and mango salsa. Plus a glass of fruity V8 yummy-ness.
The mango salsa, found online, was pretty amazing. We were just eating it with a spoon even after the fish was gone! And the artichokes are something my mom taught me to make that I just love in the summer!

So... we're getting there. I would still kill for chocolate at times, but I know it is better like this for a bit. And if I manage to tone up/lean up/whatever I know I will be happier in my body. Especially in a bathing suit. Now that we live near the beach I have to keep that in mind!

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  1. Ha I made my boyfriend make brownies the other day and I was eating the crap out of them and I finally had to have him take them to work with him, so that I couldn't devour them all. Started following you again not that long ago. I used to follow you from a different blog back in 2010 but that blog got deleted soon after my, now ex husband and I separated. but anyways please feel free to stop by and take a gander Miss Kay's Journey Through Life @ http://misskaybick.blogspot.com/

  2. UGH you're not giving me much hope in finding a good seafood place.

    And it's weird, whenever it's raining in Jacksonville it's bright and sunny here!

  3. A flounder! Reminded me of little mermaid, lol. Also this is very random but I figured you are the best person to ask. Did your husband deploy with an infantry unit from quantico? If so, what unit? My husband is trying to say he couldn't do his next duty station there because they don't have infantry, but I am sure that's what your husband is/was! Thank you :-)


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