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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Show Must Go On

I cannot believe the show is over! It feels like the past seven weeks have flown by. I am not sure what I am going to do with myself now, it hasn't really hit me yet. My mom came in on Friday and just left this afternoon, so I have been pretty distracted. Top it off, Ryan leaves for Louisiana tomorrow to visit his best friend Josh for a few days. My first week/weekend home with no rehearsals and I have no husband too! Typical.

Last minute set decoration and construction. I miss building and painting! I came in to help out.
Opening night was a rush. Having an audience that laughed (and even gasped when the murderer was revealed) was fantastic. The only problem was the heat. It felt like it was a 100 degrees in the theatre and being under the lights? Oh it was awful. I usually don't sweat easily and I was soaked through! When we looked offstage all you could see in the audience were people fanning themselves with the programs. Luckily for us the President of the college was there and he left at intermission due to the heat. The next day this little beauty was set up in our green room pumping cold air into the theatre.

What a difference! Sure we lost some of our get ready space but we were just fine.

Friday was definitely different, and not just temperature wise. One of the actors in the show was in a car accident on his way to the theatre. He called us from the ER (since he doesn't have a cell phone) an hour before showtime. Luckily he was ok, beat up but nothing serious, but we still had a show to do. Fortunately our Stage Manager is an actor as well. He has seen the show hundreds of times and was able to go on instead. In the hour before showtime we were doing quick understudy rehearsals and line runs.... hectic! The actor was unable to come back for the other shows and our Stage Manager filled in the rest of the run. Between that news and a small and rather quiet audience Friday was the roughest of our shows. But thank you Annie (from simplify) for coming! I am sorry I didn't get to see you afterwards.

One of my new buddies Lacie was kind enough to do my make up and hair for the show. I couldn't resist a few self portraits backstage...

My mini make up hoarde

 Saturday my mom came to the show with Ryan (who also came opening night) as did the lovely Mrs Sykes and my ballet teacher! I was feeling the love that night. We had a fun audience who was really into it! A lot of people used their programs to guess who the murderer was.... my husband guessed before he saw the show (he did help me with lines enough and I never let him read the end parts) and my mom was surprised by the reveal. Not bad! Whenever the murderer was revealed a lot of people gasped or reacted and it was hard to keep a straight face!

The red and purple flowers are from Ryan and the white are from my mom. Gorgeous.
We had a low key cast party Saturday night and Sunday was another great show. We were kind of miffed because they closed the parking lot in front of the theatre (which we had reserved) for police driving training and our old people matinee audience had to hike across the campus. Not cool. But we still had a large turn out!

I have spent a lot of time with these wonderful people and I will miss them dearly!!! Thank you all for your support (:


  1. I remember acting in high school, it was so fun! I hated when it ended too.

  2. Glad you had a great show. It makes me miss my college theatre days, and oh how thrilled I would be to just do community theatre. My difference is that I am a stage-manager, director, set builder, costumer, and make-up hand... All back stage. Yeah I can act but I feel that is not a strong part of me.


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