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Monday, March 12, 2012

Rylie Goes to Washington

My favorite uncle (my Uncle Dave) was in DC last week so we enjoyed having a brief visit (when we weren't working), went out to dinner, and he got to meet Rylie!

Playing with Ry pup at the apartment before dinner

After going out in Old Town Wednesday night he asked if I could take him down to the mall to take some pictures of the monuments the next night. I love going down to the monuments so on Thursday night we got Rylie in the car and made our way into DC. Rylie was not happy in the car, she was drooling like crazy and whining the entire time, I wasnt sure what was wrong with her. Was she just car sick? I'm not sure! But it makes me dread a possible four hour drive to NJ for Easter and an eight hour drive to move! Eep!

Once we got to the mall she was fine though and then had to have her picture taken. Tough cookies girlie. I am not by any means a photographer and taking pictures at night with a moving subject is not easy!! But I got some that came out really cute as well as some decent night shots. I was shooting in manual and kind of winging it, so not bad for a first attempt.

We parked between the Capitol and the Washington Monument, so we started there. And we walked. A lot!

"Moooooooom! Stop it! The flash is bright!"

"I can't see the Capitol when you do that!"

"Fine, I will look this way. Happy?"

"No? Ok, maybe that way!"

I am totally a mean Mommy :P I just wanted some cute pictures of Rylie girl and eventually we made it through.

She learned after awhile just to not look :P

This one is my favorite!

We then walked down towards the Washington Monument, heading towards the Lincoln. I got Rylie up on the wall to get these but she was much more interested in the tourists (and middle school field trips there at night!) than in getting her picture taken.

It's a shame it was cloudy because there was a gorgeous moon, it only made some brief appearances!

Lincoln Memorial

Rylie at the Lincoln

She was much more tired at this point!

Back to the Washington Monument

Earthquake damage!

Overall we walked about three or four miles, pup pup was beat!! She was getting a little whiney at the end but she had some water and surprisingly got back in the car again. Sure she whined the whole way home but she was ok. And naturally my uncle got some awesome pictures on his nice camera...

Uncle Dave and I

Rylie was not cooperating at the moment

Much better!


  1. aw, she's so cute..and getting so big! Looks like you had a great time :)

  2. How fun. Great job with the pictures!

  3. Love all the pictures! Cannot believe how big Riley is getting!!

  4. Looks like fun!! Awesome pictures :) Your pup is so cute!

  5. How fun! I think your photo of the Lincoln Monument is the best out of them all =)

  6. Riley is so adorable and her pictures were great! I loved the ones with her eyes closed, had me laughing, my dog does the same! :)


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