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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thank you

Thank you all for the kind comments you gave me on my last wreck of an entry. Blogging on no sleep while very emotional sometimes causes an entry to be a bit of a mess! But I appreciate all of you for helping me.

That day when I got home from work I called my mom and, surprise surprise, cried to her for about an hour. When I hung up the phone I tried to drag Rylie's crate out of my room but it wouldn't fit through the door. Typical. I was crying again. Then my neighbor Adam came and knocked on the door to drop something off for me. He saw the tears running down my blotchy red face and I think I may have scared him a bit!

"Are you ok?"

The whole thing poured out and still in his uniform from work Adam helped me move the cardboard divider in the crate and fold it up and drag it into the dining room. Sure it isn't pretty in there, but I am not having any dinner parties anytime soon! After that I took Rylie to PetSmart for more food and she nearly gave me a heart attack when she jumped out of the moving shopping cart! This coming from the pup who won't even jump in and out of the car yet! She made tons of new friends of course and I got her a big ol' candy cane rawhide since it was 'Christmas' and 75% off. She loves it!

We got home and played a bit but she started dozing in the living room and kitchen. Even though it was 8:40 I was exhausted so I put her in the crate, covered it, went in my room and turned on the air conditioner and shut the door. She whined for maybe five minutes and then was blissfully silent. Ryan called and I (surprise) cried to him before passing out long before 10pm. Rylie barked around midnight so I took her out, she went, came back inside and went in the crate. Minimal whining. Repeat at 4am and then at 7:20am when I got up. Bliss!

Since then she goes to bed around ten (um, as do I...) and wakes up maybe once at 4 and then 7:20 to eat breakfast. Saturday she did that and then slept again until 10:30am. I was ecstatic. Last night she went to bed at 10 and woke up at 715!!!! Whew! If this keeps up I shall be a happy furbaby mommy.

Saturday my friend Cat came over and we took Rylie into Old Town. We literally could not walk more than five feet without people going "Oh my goodness a pippy! How old is she? What is her name? Can we pet her? She is SO cute!" So our conversation was a little stilted to say the least. When we got to the Starbucks at the bottom of King Street Cat went in to get is some drinks and we were practically mobbed! Then we met Fred.

Fred is a Great Dane. Rylie was smaller than his head!

He was super sweet and Rylie was running around him and on him playing, losing interest and bounding away and then bounding back again. We had a crowd of people come watch and even start taking pictures on their phones! I wonder now if Rylie is randomly on the internet somewhere...

Then Cat and I went and sat in the park and just talked. It was nice. Rylie romped a bit and then curled up in my lap to nap. Then in Cat's.

When we walked back to the car Rylie passed out in Cat's lap in the front seat! I woke her up for dinner and we got to Tango with Daddy for a bit. Then I put her in her crate, no fuss, and Carrie and I walked up to Southside for dinner. When I came back we walked around again and she passed out around ten. Bliss.

Today was low key, I went to church and the grocery store, Rylie napped and chewed things.

Overall Rylie's downtime is spent watching tv...

Sitting in my lap...

And catching her own tail in unusual ways...

So things are getting better. I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed, but it is definitely getting better. I love that little pain in the butt! Thanks for your advice once again, and if you don't mind continuing to send good thoughts and prayers our way, I'd appreciate it!


  1. Oh, she is just way too cute! She's so tiny!

  2. Good work! Be strong :-). We got a dog that was still puppy-like (although not a puppy ...a bout a year old) and using the crate/restricting water after 9/having a schedule was a MIRACLE. She stopped peeing on the carpet, doesnt bark in the crate provided we have it near our bedroom (not in. .. just not all the way across the house where she feels alone, apparently) and has stopped destroying my stuff while I'm gone. Happy Amy. And btw I am the queen of bursting into tears... my mother is very wise and when this happens she says "Amy. Go to bed." And I do. And when I get up everything - EVERYTHING - is better. When in doubt, sleep!

  3. She is adorable and tiny! I love her! Im glad things are going better, and thanks for the laugh!

  4. Awwww. So cute. Puppies are so much work though!

  5. She's so adorable! I'm glad it's getting better with her.


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