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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Play Ball!

I love baseball. I really do. My blood will always flow with pinstripes for my first love the Yankees, but I have adopted the Nationals since moving to DC! I try to go to at least one game a summer, usually I make it to two or more, but this year I realized I was cutting it close! The season ends this weekend, so I roped my neighbor Carrie in to going with me last Saturday night.

You can tell it is the end of the season because all the Presidents were looking a wee bit worse for the wear!

It was a little chilly but we made it out into DC with plenty of time and trekked our way up the stadium. Of course getting $10 tickets means you sit at the tippy top, but hey, at least we were the second to last row!

It was also Half Way to Saint Paddy's Day, 9/17, so that was fun to see. Lots of green and half priced beer!

We split some aaaaamazing garlic parmesean fries and I got a hot dog as well. But man oh man those fries were heavenly. So worth $9.50... almost as much as our seats! The Nats were playing the Florida Marlins and I finally got to see the wunderkind Strasberg start and pitch!

It ended up being a looooooong game. Just my luck eh? 13 innings! It was 1-1, cringe I know, until the 13th inning when the Marlins busted out three runs from nowhere. Drat. The game went so long the Presidents raced twice!

The first race Teddy was doing so so well, but then the leprechaun came and stole his Lucky Charms. Poor Guy.

The second race he was way out in front, but he ran the wrong way around the stadium. Poor Teddy, he is just never going to win at this rate!

All in all, good night, lots of fun and plenty of baseball loving for me!

Oh! One of our clients got me flowers and chocolates today to say thanks for all my help (: Nice to know people appreciate things! I was very surprised.


  1. Aw I like you even more now! Baseball is the only sport my husband and I are mutual on and we are definitely Yankee fans!

  2. Baseball is not really popular here in my country, so I've only seen it in american movies :)

  3. Thanks for linking up on Friday! :)


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