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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dogsitting Miss Molly

As some of you may have noticed in past entries Ryan and I have been dogsitting for our neighbor Brittanie's dog Molly. Molly is a Havanese and extremely loveable. Any time Brit would take her outside she'd have like a radar for us and run straight towards us... well more Ryan... like a 17lb black and white torbedo. She would lay down for the belly rubs or jump into our lap and smother us with kisses. So we agreed to dogsit her over a long weekend back in May. And she was great! That was just the warm up as we have had Miss Molly from July 2 until the 13th, tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow. Ok.

At first Molly was on her best behavior, but the past few days she has made me want to bop her one. (Not really, don't go crazy I promise I never would, she has just been frustrating!) The second or third day we had her she did run into the Potomac River and emerge looking like a black swamp thing alongside Oliver. Lukcily Ollie's owner had sume puppy shampoo and we had the apartment hose and she looked fluffy and cute again. But since then she had been behaving. Having a dog while both of us work has been different from that first long weekend.

Since Ryan cuts it fine in the morning to make it to work very early I tend to take her out before I go to work. Some mornings she decideds to sniff around and take her sweet time but I gotta go to work! I give her a fair amount of time, I promise, but some mornings Molly has her own agenda. Mainly smell everything and chase the birds. Oy. We have a dog walker come in the middle of the day while we are at work and she usually stays out of trouble.

Molly looooooves attention. If we are sitting and watching tv and not paying attention to her she sits and stares at us and whines. Just a bit usually, but after two weeks you want that half hour tv show to yourself! Even at 5am this morning after Ryan left she was whining and staring at me like "Aw come on he left play with me!" Absolutely not. Well, after this past week or so she started to get mischevious.... proving she is comfortable with us!

We went to the Alexandria Sesquicentennial on Saturday (an entry for another day) and when we got home she found the crayons. Liam, our other neighbors' son, was over the night before and back from my camp counselor days (of last summer) I had some crayons to keep him entertained. Well we put them on the bookshelf and Molly found them. We came home and there were colors of the rainbow in wax and paper all across our living room rug. Sigh. And before you ask, because people have, no her poop was not colorful. Begin the bad streak.

The next day Ryan and I are playing Rummy. We look under the table and there is puppy vomit. Not because she was sick or anything, but because she ate her food waaaay too fast. Trust me, we could tell. I will spare details.

Yesterday I get home from work from a very long sucky Monday and Molly greets me in her usual friendly OHMYGODIAMSOGLADYOUAREHERE manner. Normally we shut the doors to our bedroom and bathroom so she cannot get in there. Our bathroom door does not shut but our bedroom does with a bit of force, but I suppose I did not give it enough force that morning. Surprisingly not much damage but there was one thing I saw on the floor.

My birth control pack, chewed. With two pills missing, one placebo, one not.


Molly seems to be acting fine but I have no idea how long ago this was so I call my friend Lauren. Lauren is a vet tech in training, she'd know! Lauren is at work and did not pick up. PANIC AGAIN. Then I remember in Brit's original email she sent me there was a number for an Animal Hospital nearby for emergencies. I turn on the laptop and frantically dig through my emails and find the number. Molly is sitting and looking at me with her head cocked to the side like, "What?" as I begin to babble on the phone.

I tell the guy the situation, what she may have taken what my dosage was, her information (which was in the system) and the like. The guy goes to consult with the doctor. In my nervousness I begin pacing and then making the bed and as I pull up the sheet I see the miracle of miracles. A little pink pill and a little white pill just sitting there. Not teethmarks, no dissovling, perfectly pristine. I pick them up and the guy comes back on the phone and I tell him I found the pills and she hadn't eaten them. She must have just been gnawing on the pack for its plasticness and those two fell out.

He says, "Well, if it makes you feel any better you are not the first one. But the doctor said with that dosage and her size and just one pill she would have been fine. So there you go!"

There you go.

Ugh Molly!

I still love the little furball and I will miss her (most definitely!), but she is driving us slightly nuts!

Such love :P Molly got tired on her walk so Ryan carried her! This was obviously Day One of dogsitting


  1. Aw! Miss Molly sounds like handful! Chase, the puppy we're watching is well behaved and we haven't had any issues:)

  2. oh wow!! haha I remember when my Dog Tula ate all my Thyroid pills, like.. 20. I panicked but she was perfectly fine...thank goodness!

  3. At least she doesnt slap you with her paw, or nudge you with her nose when she wants to be rubbed like my dog lol. Gotta love animals lol :P

  4. Haha! I love the mischevious pup stories.
    And she is awefully cute!

  5. You two are lovely

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  6. HAHAHAHA! Oh Molly! Sounds like the hell my dogs give to all their sitters!

  7. omg haha well, you would have known for sure there would have been no puppies if a boyfriend came around ;-)

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