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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vacation Part 3

I'm getting there!

The next day was of course spent on the beach. Ryan stayed out later than me (I got tired and went to bed around midnight, he opted to stay out later) the night before so he slept in and I went down to the beach to lay out and relax.

Once sleepyhead finally joined me we had a lazy lunch before going to the PIRATES VOYAGE!

It was like Medieval Times (same sort of food) but with pirates, the Crimson Pirates (boo) vs the Sapphire Pirates (woot!). It is a Dolly Parton sort of production so we got to see her welcome us and then sing dressed as a mermaid halfway through the show with mermaid acrobats hanging on anchors from the ceilings doing awesome gymnasty strong things! The performers were awesome. All highly trained gymnasts who flipped around like crazy, dove from high places, and were pretty flippin awesome. There were also dogs and a sea lion! We had a blast!

The next day was more beach time...

SO happy with post-surgery results by the way. First time I have walked around in a bikini and felt comfortable in about a decade...

This was the beach bar we hung out at by the hotel... we had a great view!

That night we went and had the most AMAZING dinner at Ruth Christ Steakhouse. We had never been to one before and wanted to have a nice night out. So we got there right when it opened since we did not have reservations and honestly had one of the best dinners ever. Carnivores like ourselves were in heaven. They had an early bird special with salad, steak and dessert for a good price. Steak on a 500 degree plate that is sizzling with butter? Chocolate mousse? HEAVEN.

After saw the ONE show at the Alabama Theatre. It was a great sort of variety show (musicals, country, oldies and a bit of comedy) but I forgot to take my camera!

Ok, more later!

I'll leave you with a little Whiskey in the Jar from the Pirates Pre-show. Ryan and I love this song! You can hear him clapping appropriately in the background and then say he is the only one apparently. I cut the filming short so I could join him in clapping. The Pirates appreciated it!

Whiskey in the Jar! a video by imyewneek on Flickr.


  1. Again, I am so totally jealous! It all looks like so much fun :) I have always wanted to do the medieval times or pirate show things, they look interesting.
    Glad ya'll had so much fun! And you do look GREAT :)

  2. Caught up on your trip now! Looks like a great time! We leave for Myrtle Beach on Saturday!!


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