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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vacation Part 1

I am sure you're dying to hear about my vacation :P Sorry, I'll make it brief if I can!

We got up early on Sunday and were on the road by 7:45am. Not my cup of tea. We stopped after half an hour or so, grabbed cash, gas, and some McDonalds and we were on the road again. It was a long drive but not too bad. I slept for an hour or two along the way and Ryan drove. His GPS on his phone took us a waaaaay back way for awhile, like we were going through cornfields and nothing else! There was also an accident, it looked like everyone was ok, but I have never seen a car do this before. It was on its side on a gravel road. It looked like a giant just pushed it over and it was completely perpindicular to the gravel road! No scrapes or anything in the road... it was crazy.

We got to our hotel around 4pm or so and by 4:30 we were unpacked and swimming in the ocean! We changed and grabbed food at this restaurant behind our hotel called River City Cafe before heading to the outdoor beach bar Ocean Annie's. I had this amazing drink (and I am so not one for rum) called an Hawaiian Punch and it was delicious. My drink for the week! They had a live band so we had our drinks and danced and just enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards we sat on the beach and just listened to the waves.

The next day was reserved for sleeping in, quick trip to the store for sandwich things and cereal, and lounging on the beach. We spent the day body surfing and tanning before showering and changing for the night. We decided to go to the Boardwalk, which Ryan claimed was only a mile or two away. Looking at the light up ferris wheel down the beach it looked a LOT further to me. I made him go ask at the desk and ended up being very right... it was seven miles down the beach! We called a cab since Ryan didn't think parking would be good. Well it turns out the front desk's claim of a $15 ride turned out to be double!

But we made it. The boardwalk was a lot smaller than I was used to, but fun. We had some foot long chili dogs, fries, and funnel cake. Then we played a ridiculous amount of skeeball in the arcade as well as this game with a wheel that if you get the light to stop on the marker you get to spin and win lots of tickets.

Then we went on the Sky Wheel. Did I mention I am terrified of Ferris Wheels? I don't like the concept of being in a bucket hundreds of feet in the air on a chunk of steel. At all. I am ok with heights to a certain point but once I pass that point the gut clenching panic sets in. Luckily this was an enclosed car and only Ryan got to see my panic!

See that slightly panicked look in my eyes? And we were only on the bottom!

The view of the strip from the top. Ryan kept telling me just not to look down. How can you not!? Even if I look OUT I still see DOWN.

After that ride we decided to walk back on the beach, just to see how far we could get. Our hotel was maybe 8 or 9 miles up the beach directly, but we have to drive out to the highway to get there driving, making it longer. So we start to walk. Past hotels and houses... some parts lit others not. We walked along the water, sometimes holding hands, and just talking.

After a loooong time I was tired and we made our way up to the nearest hotel to call a cab, which came fast. Turns out we walked almost five miles!!! And it only knocked about $10 off our cab ride. Ugh. But our cab driver was originally from NJ, not too far from me, so we had a good chat. Small world

After we got back Ryan dragged me off to the beach to shoot off my first fireworks even though it was pretty late. You all know of my love of fireworks, but I have never set them off on my own before! SO fun!

He even got me some sparklers since I am such a huge fan!

We don't follow directions for Roman Candles very well!

More tomorrow... (:

Check out more pictures on facebook or my flickr!


  1. Looks like you had a blast... I hate cab rides, they are always SO expensive!

  2. the Boardwalk! fun! can't wait to hear more!

  3. Great photos! Looks like you guys are having fun. Thanks for joining the Roundup.


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