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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Solo Ventures

I have to admit, weekends were my biggest worry when Ryan left. We always had that time together, and because of that I knew I'd be at a loss without him there. The first weekend he was gone my neighbors and friends kept me very busy, which I appreciated more than I can say. This weekend, no one was home! People were out of state or working or busy and when Saturday rolled around I have to admit... I was pretty damn lonely.

I knew down at the park they were doing the Irish Festival to raise money for the Saint Patrick's Day parade, so off I went.

It was nice. Crafts and food and music and dancers... a little rain. Although I liked the atmosphere, I was really the only one walking around by myself. Everyone else was in groups or couples and I felt quite out of place. All I could think about was how much more fun it would be if Ryan were with me. How we would have gotten a beer from the beer truck everytime Pat Troy said to because it was for a good cause. Getting one alone seemed too depressing, so I stuck with water.

Who is Pat Troy? He is a famous figure around here. He has a restaurant, off King St appropriately named Pat Troy's. He is a true Irish man, accent and all, in his 70s. President Reagan used to visit, there is even a table immortalized in the restaurant that the former President sat at, place setting and all! Of course he was the emcee of the event.

The crafts were pretty good, nothing I really needed, same with jewelry, but fun to look at!

Of course there was music, Pat Car sang lots of traditional Irish songs.

One being The Unicorn Song... which of course made the skies OPEN up!!!

We sought refuge in the two tents, luckily I was in the middle and didn't get wet! But it poured for a good ten minutes and POOF. Clear again!

Had to have some delicious Shepherds Pie.

And all the dancers were so cute!

I wore my reebok shape up sneakers and walked the long way home, so I was sore by the time I got in! I just watched lots of bad movies and lounged around. Sunday was church and driving Ryan's truck around. I saw a few neighbors out and about at least, but overall it was pretty quiet.

This week has been stressful, lots of prepping for one of our VPs to visit for a center inspection then the actual inspection... I am just so drained. And sore from yoga. And bummed that my best friend cannot come this weekend afterall. I was really looking forward to it.

Is it Labor Day yet?


  1. Hang in there…I am impressed you went to something like that by yourself. I don't think I would have. So you are stronger than you think! I know those quiet times can be the worst! But you can do it :) And remember all your bloggy loves out here thinking about you!

  2. I wish I could gave gone with you :(

  3. Hey there! I just came across your blog and I was first attracted by the catchy title and then I fell in love with the wedding photos! They look wonderful...I'm hoping to find more on here!!! Happy Late One Year! I see you were married in May! Ours was in July!

    Hope you stop by my Romance/Wedding blog! I have a slight obsession with all things wedding ever since I planned mine!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!! {Oh and I love watching those kind of dancers! Irish step dancing or clogging??} :)


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