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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coco Sala!

For my birthday Kyndra took Carrie and I to this amazing restaurant in DC called Coco Sala. Oh my word, if you love chocolate you need to go to this place because you will die and go to culinary heaven! We sat in the back in this semi VIP area with cushy red seats and gauzy curtains all around, I felt pretty special (: The day of my birthday it rained like crazy, but that Friday night was gorgeous so it was a great celebration with great friends, even a day later!

I started with a 'choco-jito'. I am not a huge drinker but that thing was GONE. It was made with chocolate infused vodka and had chocolate shavings on it, but it did not taste too chocolatey at all. The lime and mint were almost just given a boost by it, hard to explain but I could sure use another one of those right now :P The joys of work eh?

Now Coco Sala has entrees and salads and regular food, but they are known for their desserts... obviously. I ordered the "Three Course Desert Entree" where you basically get a starter, a three selection 'main course' and petit fours. Oh my...

This is the starter. Home made warm churros with a chocolate dipping sauce. YUM. The chocolate was perfect for the churros which was just the right mix of sweet, crunchy and yet still doughy.

Kyndra and I

Carrie and I. I am not sitting in her lap, I just leaned in the chair weird....

Next was my entree!

I got the Chocolate Seduction. It came with a warm linzer chocolate souffle, raspberry rose panna cotta and hazelnut praline. As well as a candle as someone told them it was my birthday! Delicious.

Kyndra got the Some More Coco, which was chocolate crème brulee with toasted marshmallow and graham crumble, chocolate brownie and a chocolate malted shooter. I may have tried all of them, and they were awesome. I don't normally care for crème brulee but this was good!

Carrie got Coco Grown Up. It came with milk chocolate peanut butter gelato (honestly one of the best things I have ever eaten, holy cow), bananas foster, a mini co co. cupcake and a malted shooter.

Are you hungry yet?

I did not eat dinner before we left, and I am SO glad I didn't! I would have burst! The portions may look small, but they aren't. All of them ar so filling and just the right size. It was delicious and if you want a great night out I highly suggest Cocos. But make a reservation ahead of time! They are part of Open Table so you can do so, otherwise you may be sitting in the bar instead of the lounge. If you don't mind that sort of thing you're fine, but the lounge was much quieter and enjoyable for me!

Saturday and Sunday I wandered that King Street Art fair with Carrie and I got a gorgeous print to put up... somewhere. I also went to church, a movie, and had some loooong talks with the hubby. On what? Well, you may find out... if there is anything to find out!

Also, I added a new button to the top right of my blog. I joined the National Bone Marrow Registry (well, applied to join and get my free cheek swab kit!) and it has been something I have wantd to do for a long time. Reading about Super Ty encouraged me to finally sign up... you should to! You may just help save a life (:


  1. mmmm that place sounds delicous! BTW...you look amazing!

  2. That place sounds amazing! If we ever get up that way, we will try it out.


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