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Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation Part 2

Our days were mostly spent at the beach. We'd body surf, sun go to River City Cafe for lunch, shower and change and go out at night. Oh. River City Cafe was this cafe right by Ocean Annie's and one day Ryan and I got the OMG Burger....

Not my picture, but from Google.

We split it thankfully! To quote the menu:
“OMG” burger platter - two patties topped with two fried eggs, hickory smoked bacon, swiss and cheddar, lots of mayo, lettuce, tomato and fried onion strings, stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches and served with a pile of fries, two giant fried onion rings and slaw (The bun couldn’t handle it!)

SO GOOD. Yes I ate my whole half.

Next off... Ripley's Aquarium!

Ryan really wanted to go here as he remembered coming when he was younger. It was in this section of Myrtle Beach called Broadway at the Beach. I had to practically drag Ryan away from the mermaids show, it was mainly weird old guys and little kids in line! My husband has a mermaid problem that stretches back to the first time he saw the Little Mermaid. :P Dork. Anyway the aquarium had this really awesome tunnel that you could walk through (or ride the moving sidewalk) and observe all sorts of sea creatures.

It was so cool. We saw tons of sharks, fish, eels, turtles, stingrays and sawfish as we went through. The blue light was from the sunlight way above in the skylights shining through the water. I felt like we were just in a tunnel under the ocean.

Turtle!! There may or may not have been Finding Nemo "DUUUUUUUUUDE!" quotes!

Check out all those sharks! This was all just one big tank with the tunnel winding through. Everyone seemed ok with everyone else...

Sawfish! I hadn't seen one of those in ages!

Then we saw some jellyfish *shudder* in this cool blue window. Even though I hate the things I couldn't resist getting a picture. It looked really awesome, like a porthole with this bright blue light and floaty orange things... (sorry I just had a margarita at work for my co-worker's last day, may not be best to drink and blog)!

Ryan and I then tried to pet the stingrays. None of the little kids would shove over on the smaller part of the wall so I never got to touch any, but gangly Mr. Long Arms did!

Horseshow crabs on the other hand were much more within my reach. They seemed to like getting pet as they kept grouping on the edges to see who could get the closest!

I LOVED this stingray sky light. It was literally about fifteen feet in the air and looked pretty sweet.

After the aquarium we walked around the lake thing on the boardwalk and fed the ducks and koi. There were little food dispenser machines for a quarter, like they have in petting zoos. The koi were vicious, practically jumping out of the water! The ducks held their own though. We then saw a brand new store, the Boardwalk Winery! It even had a grand opening sign. Score.

They were offering wine tastings, seven different wines of your choice, for $3! For $1 more you could keep your glass... which was actually a wine glass (a small one but still, not a cheapy plastic one)! Deal! All the wines were more of a fruit base that was of the nongrape variety. They had blackberry, peach, mango, plum, raspberry and any combinations of them. We were chatting with our pourer guy and ended up having about ten tastes since he liked us! He even mixed us his favorite, Medium Blueberry with Dry Mango/Peach. Delicious.

Slightly tipsy (a trend for me considering my current state) we started walking through the heat again when I saw....

The Bodies Exhibit is something I really wanted to see for a long time. Ryan has been before when it was in DC but I missed it. It was only $10 so it was worth it to me. They didn't seem to be real. I highly recommend going if it comes into your area.

After that was dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, another tradition of Ryan's. The food was very good so I was not complaining in the least.

Part three will follow soon!


  1. i can't get over how huge those onion rings are. and that aquarium looks awesome!


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