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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have to say, after over a year living in Alexandria, we are truly and finally settled. We're friends with our neighbors, which I am so grateful for, and finally doing things out in the area. And not touristy things, local things.... like going to our favorite restaurant multiple times, walking not on the main streets and still knowing where we're going, and my new favorite... yoga class!

Not being closer with our neighbors (glasses of wine and dogsitting will do that to you) my friend Courtney convinced me to go to youga with her last week. Our other neighbor Brittanie actually teaches the class so I had it on both sides! Then Ryan heard of the possibility of me doing exercise and gave me the shove, metaphorically and physically! After work last Monday I rushed home, changed, and made my way over to Pure Prahna, the studio not too far from home.

I was pretty nervous. I knew all these people were not beginners, and it had been a looooong time since I had done yoga. In high school, at my theatre school, one of our teachers was a hardcore yoga teacher/enthusiast, so when we did warm ups every day there were sun salutations and other various poses included! But, like I mentioned, I was hardly anything more than a beginner! Getting into the class I was grateful Courtney was there with me as a familiar face. Everyone was so lean, tall, and muscular! They had their own mats and fancy yoga outfits and I had that horrible first day of school feeling all over again.

Once Brittanie got there and started the class I quickly settled and calmed myself down. Most of it was familiar... we started with sun salutations and chanting which helped me to focus. I recognized a lot of the poses we were doing (even if I had to sneak a peek at those around me to make sure I had them right) and just made sure to keep breathing.

It got warm in there really fast. It was crowded, there was not really much room to go off your mat so I was terrified I'd lose my balance and create a domino effect, but all those people moving and breathing made it warm! I thanked Courntey profusely for getting us there early and getting a spot near the window. Man oh man that breeze was like heaven!

There were only one or two poses I couldn't do at all, the crazy headstand (I did prep for it though) and the bridge. My chest has healed from my surgery but it did not care for being bent and stretched backwards that way and revolted just a tad. And the fish one took me a minute to get, I didn't know where to put what and Brittanie had to come show me!

After class I felt loose and invigorated. Sure I was drenched in sweat and slightly limp noodle like, but it felt awesome. The limp noodle feeling lasted until the next morning.

Then the pain hit.

My muscles were so not happy with me. My joints ached and muscles I forgot existed were protesting at this whole 'working out' thing. Honestly, I was sore until Thursday! I was popping and cracking when I moved and my body altered between weak noodle and pain central.

But I went back last night.

The window, sadly, was closed. I really need to remember to wear shorts as my pants and tshirt make me waaaay too warm. This class was even harder! Lots of leg things with balancing and blocks and things in the air... but I did it. I even managed to get myself up in the bridge and hold it for a bit! Even if Brittanie had to say, "Remember to breathe... especially if your name is Allie!" So I breathed. Then I came down in a heap five seconds later! But it was hot in the class. We had the windows shut and the fans (thank god) were on so I did relish the moments I felt air moving. It was so hot the floor and out mats were literally slippery, I had to control my inner klutz to avoid slipping!

I enjoy it. I like having friends nearby (even if it took awhile) and I like having something to do for myself. I love doing things with Ryan but since we've been married I haven't gone out to do something routine for just me. He supports it, since I am finally doing some form of exercise, but I am going to have to drag him to one soon! He doesn't seem to believe me when I am sore for days and tell him how hard it is! He will see. And there are plenty of guys in the class, so he can get over it.

We also may be going on vacation soon! SO excited. I will let you know if it works out. Fingers crossed. And we may dog sit for Molly (Brittanie's dog, we watched her once in December and she LOVES Ryan) in July which also has me pretty happy.

I am not sore yet today... tomorrow might be a different story. I was a little shaky going down the steps to the deli outside of work, so you never know :P

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  1. That's awesome! I'd love to get involved in a yoga class. Ha, my hubby would give me a shove out the door too :)

  2. I really hope to find a class to join for the motivation... for the last 2yrs it's been on my own and well, we all know how that goes!

  3. So cool! I've always wanted to do yoga but never have.

  4. Kuddos to you for getting out there! I can't even stand on one foot without falling over.

  5. Yoga is soo great! Good for you for going back again!! It definitely takes some time to <1> get used to it and <2> be strong enough to do everything they tell you to do! Keep it up!!

  6. Just saw this post on the corner of your page! Hubby just PCSd south of DC! I work at Mount Vernon hospital in Alexandria if you've heard of it!


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