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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend in Jersey

This past weekend my mom was going to be in New Jersey for a craft show at church. Knowing my mom was four hours away instead of eight I drove up Friday night to spend the weekend with her. It officially had been the longest time we have ever gone without seeing one another! July to November. I know it isn't a lot, but it was for us!

My drive up Friday was long. Lots of construction and accidents, so instead of an hour to get to my usual rest stop it took me two. Luckily. I still had my favorite radio station, country of course, 98.7 WMZQ playing a lot longer than I should have. I was about ten miles from the rest stop when the DJ said caller nine right now wins tickets to see Miranda Lambert. I always try so I thought, What the hell? I picked up my phone and got the number out of my contacts (I told you, I try a lot!) and it rang.

On the first try it rang.


No usual hang up, redial, hang up, redial. One shot, boom I am through!!!!

I am going to my FIRST country concert in January... for free!!! SO pumped!

Anyway, I got into Jersey around 11:30pm. My mom was at my grandparents' house and she didn't tell them I was coming, so they had a nice surprise! I slept in my old room and it was strange... I don't even remember the last time I spent the night there. We used to live 45 minutes away, plenty of visiting... so it was cool. I felt like a little kid again in a way.

We had to get up early the next day to get my mom to the church, but we did enjoy breakfast together first.

I dropped my mom off at church then went and got my oil changed. You get a free exterior car wash with an oil change so I went to watch my car go through and I saw these...

Guns to shoot water at your car! You bet your bottom dollar I used them all. I don't care if they were for kids, it was fun!!!

I then went to our friend Fran's house and took a much needed shower before napping on their couch. Pretty much all afternoon. I then drove and met my mom at the church and on my way I saw these!

It was a little chilly, I am sure especially out there, but I love seeing them in Jersey. Also there were tons of trees down from the freak snow storm last week. No snow, but plenty of damage.

Anyway we went to mass and then out to Fridays. I had a gift card for Kohls and we went there and I ended up getting early Christmas treatment from Mom (: I spent more than my gift card for sure but I really needed sweaters and stockings for work! I love them all.

We then went back to Fran's and had the night talking to her, her husband Rob, and their kids Chris and Nicole. Chris is my brother Stefan's best friend and I cannot believe how big he got! Freshman boys are huge. Dear Lord. Nicole grew too! We watched some football (Sad day Gamecocks, but woohoo Tigers!) and then went to bed.

The next morning I went to the church again and mom told me we had to go look at the house.

My parents couldn't sell the house so we have renters for at least a year before trying again. I was aprehensive, I didn't want to go see the house I grew up in from six years old on with other people in it. But I am glad I did... it was definitely closure. It wasn't my house anymore. It is definitely a country house and they have all this modern furniture in it that just does not work. And they totally were smoking in there. It kind of upset me to see the house in such a way as we checked the hot tub and furnace, but it definitely made me realize that is not my home anymore.

Back at the church Craft Fair I sold raffle tickets and walked around. I got an awesome wine purse (giraffe pattern) as well as a delicious sausage and pepper sandwich. And a meatball sandwich for good measure. Man I miss Jersey food! My two aunts came to the show too with one of my cousins and it was great to see them as well.

Then it was back on the road for me. Gas was SO cheap I had to take a picture...

Luckily the drive home was quicker and I got to see the Giants win! GO BIG BLUE!

I am glad I had the time with my mom. It has been a long time since it was just us two and I really miss her. We talk on the phone daily but it is so much better to be together in person.

Totally worth eight hours in the car (:


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! How much is gas where you are? It's the same price in Jville!

  2. Congrats on the concert win!! That's awesome! And only in Jersey can you shoot your car while at the car wash....love it!!!


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