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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boudoir Shoot with KE Photography

So last weekend, the day before the Zombie Commercial I did something I had really wanted to do for some time... a boudoir shoot! With Ryan being away and constantly badgering me for pictures (Hey, minds out of the gutters... not those kind necessarily. I believe today he asked to see some sweater pictures because they look cute... anyway) I thought this would be perfect for him. When we are 3000 miles apart, whether like now in school or in the future during dreaded deployments, he can have something kinda sexy to look at.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I googled some prices. I was basically looking at upwards of $1,000 for a shoot alone, forget prints! By the time you pay for make up, the place, the photographer, the editing.... oh it was bad. But lucky for me one of my bests Kyndra found an AMAZING photographer Kari.

Kyndra had Kari take her engagement photos, maternity photos, newborn shots and yes, even a boudoir shoot! So I knew Kyndra would not steer me wrong. And when I heard the price quote I was ecstatic. Totally in my budget!! I started talking to Kari and we set a date for my shoot.

MAN was I nervous! I had never done anything like this before. Ever! Kyndra volunteered her apartment for the shoot (as mine is kind of boring and a studio would have severely limited us) and at my request promised to hang around until I hit my stride.

It was a hectic morning to say the least! I got to Kyndra's house early but sadly the make up artist had the flu. With Kyndra having my boyfriend baby Bentlee we could not risk it... so off to the Mac counter we went, her friend Katie in tow! I did get some funny stares walking through the mall in jeans, a tshirt, and a way vamped face, but it was funny.

Once we got back to the house I definitely needed a drink, I was nervous. But a few sips of champagne later I was fine :P Kari arrived and she was incredibly sweet and I was actually excited to get to work. We taked a few ideas and outfits and went to town.

I started pretty modestly and eventually stopped giving a damn and really had fun. Yes the champagne may have helped but it wore off eventually. Kari is extremely professional and made sure I was comfortable and had anything I needed (from breaks to a cigarette to an outfit change!). She is definitely a perfectionist and I mean that in the best way. She made sure my shots were clear and something I could definitely use. Along the way she showed me in the camera some of the awesome shots she already had, and over a period of nearly six hours we had close to 1,000 pictures!!! Before posting any online she cleared them with me. Only headshots from boudoir shoots would be on facebook or her website, and I approved them before they went up. The rest will be in a locked album on her site for me to peruse, so bonus points for privacy when needed!

When I saw the first few previews I was shocked, I could not believe that was me! Her editing has been flawless and I just cannot wait to get the rest! My husband will definitely have his socks knocked off come Christmas time, I hope I can wait that long to give them to him! I am pretty psyched for him to see!!!

Check it out! These first shots are from Kyndra's boudoir shoot:

Don't her eyes look insanely awesome!?

And these are from mine!

I am sure you are DYING to know where you can find Kari and KE Photography... have no fear! Kari works in the DC/MD/VA area and I have to mention does stunning pictures in natural light. Boudoir shoots are more indoors, but her maternity, engagement, wedding, and newborn shots will astound you. You all should regardless of location LIKE her Facebook Page (and tell her I sent you so I can win another (mini) shoot!) and definitely check out her Website to see more of her terrific work!

Kari even has a Blog as well as a Twitter account (not that I have any idea how Twitter works) but go follow her!

I am going to end this shamelessly glorious review with saying I cannot wait to see the rest of my shots Kari! You were so fun to work with and I will recommend you to anyone, including my trusted blog followers!


  1. Your pics are so beautiful! Hubby will def be excited to get those :)

  2. Me with four other Army Wives did a surprise shoot like this for our deployed husbands twp years ago. We had the most fun! We had our hair & makeup lady come to us as well. After two or three bottles of wine we where all giggles & not caring that we where all running around half clothed!
    Your previews look great!

  3. Awesome!! I already told you on facebook but these are amazing! I might used her for some family pictures :)

  4. Are you sure they are all private on facebook? I was able to see one of you sitting on the patio I think smoking a cig in like a corset. I'm not sure if you wanted that one on facebook or not but just a heads up!

    I've wanted to do this as well. You have some amazing pictures. I wish I lived near you so I could have her take mine as well :-)


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