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Friday, September 2, 2011

First Kisses

Sorry for the slacking but I will see you all again next week with a huge update! I should have asked for guest bloggers but I was running around like crazy trying to prepare for this trip and practically not able to sleep since I am so excited to see Ryan again. I am at work staring at the clock counting the seconds til I can leave. I will be in Vegas by 10pm (Vegas time) and there until Tuesday night, late!

The military is one of the few places where couples can have their first kiss many times. I heard that once when I was still dating Ryan, before his first deployment, and it made me think a bit. Do I really want multiple first kisses? That entails separation, being apart for a long time. I guess if I have to do that, at least there is that to look forward to, right?

Our first kiss, I mean our real first date first kiss, happened on May 8, 2008. We had met at a Saint Patrick's Day Party through mutual friends and talked on facebook for a few months before we finally went on a date. We met in Chinatown in DC and went to Ruby Tuesday's and saw Baby Mama (poor guy! I already saw Iron Man and nothing else was out). He was living in SE DC and was living on the otherside of town in Maryland, so he offered to drive me home after instead of me taking the metro. I tried to refuse but of course he wouldn't hear of it. As we got to the car Ryan got called into work (just the beginning.... haha) and had to drop me off at the metro anyway.

I remember sitting very fidgety in the car and talking with him as we pulled up to the Eastern Market Metro Station. He insisted on getting out and opening the door for me. We walked around his black Honda Accord (under carriage neons beaming us in blue light!) when he leaned in and kissed me goodnight. I swear my heart stopped. I felt a jolt of electricity from my lips to my toes and back again. It wasn't too long, not too short, but just perfect. I may or may not have swayed as I said goodnight and definitely stumbled walking towards the escalator, praying he didn't notice.

Flash forward a year and a half to October 30, 2009. I was working in Disney and Ryan had just returned from Iraq. We decided since I could only take off five days from work that we would wait for him to be back for sure so we could have all five days together. No homecoming for me, no buses and traditional crazyness, but if I had come up for their original date, which was then pushed back three days, I would have had one day to spend with him... so we definitely made the right choice!

I flew up from Florida super early in the morning and was in DC at 9am! It was FREEZING. Florida was a balmy 80 degrees or so, DC was about 40! My poor body was in shock. Ryan was getting into DC from Quantico so I had to wait a few hours to see him. I checked my bag in the storage place at Union Station and met up with my friend Cat for a few hours. When Ryan arrived we decided to meet at Eastern Market Metro Stop.

The same place we had our last first kiss.

This time he was there waiting for me. I was nervous, it had been so long since I had seen him, I felt about as crazy as I did getting ready for our first date! I practically ran up the escalator and there he was. Skinny, absurdly tan, and smiling as he waited for me. I ran to him, dropped my bags, and flung my arms around him and may or may not have jumped on him going in for my first kiss.

The tingles and electric bolts were as present as always.

Your can read all about the reunited post deployment adventure here. It is funny and longer than mentioned above!

A month later in the airport in Orlando I tackled him again as he came through security.

A month after that he got me as I got out of my fully packed car in bloody freezing Virginia after leaving Florida via auto train.

For five months he journeyed back and forth from DC to NJ every single weekend while we were engaged. That's a good four hour drive. And every Friday night I got that first tingly kiss.

Now we have been apart for a month. I know in the grand scheme of things, and even from our past, it is not a lot. But I miss my husband so much. 29 Palms and Alexandria are far. Time differences can make it more challenging, I am grateful I can talk to him at least once a day every day, but nothing makes up for seeing him.

And in 12 hours when I run off that plane in Vegas, you better believe I will be running into my husband's arms for another wonderful, tingly, special and amazing first kiss.

Memorable kisses...
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