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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

First off I need to brag... I slept a full 10.5 uninterrupted hours on Friday night. It was absolutely glorious! Finally I got to go to sleep and wake up because my body was ready, no alarm, no phone call... just me. Bliss.

Sorry, I warned you about the brag!

Saturday I met up with my friend Jess from college for a needed catch up day. We wandered around King Street, grabbed lunch and got up to speed on each others' lives. After she left I went to the mall to go to Bubbles and fix my hair. I got a bonus at work last month for something I did and most of the $1,000 I was awarded went to plane tickets. But I took a small chunk just for me!

See, after dying my hair red (which I loved and still miss!) I used Color Oops to get it back to blonde. It got most of the red out, but I was stuck in a sort of strawberry blondeish middle color. Not red, not blonde. So I went and got highlights! I hope it pushed me more back to how I used to be.

Before picture. I sent all these to the hubby so he could see and compare as well.

During. Luckily Kyndra was with me for company and to take pictures of me looking like an extra terrestrial baked potato.

And after. Not bad!

I must say the mall having its Christmas Tree up made me cringe! TOO soon!!!

Kyndra and I had some cuisine de food court before heading back to her place where her husband and his friend were engrossed in Modern Warfare. Can I just say I am so glad Ryan is not into those games? Don't get me wrong, I love video games. We have a Wii, and Mario of any degree rocks my socks off, but these run around control your vision and shooting and exploding games make me a little nauseous! I think the viewpoint gives me some motion sickness. I like going in a straight 2D line when I play video games! Old School much?

Sunday I had another mini college reunion with my friend (and bridesmaid) Cat. We went around Eastern Market, did some major major catching up, drank apple cider, at amazing El Salvadorian food at Cafe Tortilla, and hid in the used bookstore. Bliss.

My to die for empanadas from Cafe Tortilla, featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives!

And my favorite used book store! (:

Of course work today is billing. Sigh. And there is a mix up with our rent at home the leasing office has been emailing me all day about. And I kind of want to just hide under my desk.

But I leave for California in two days! I CANNOT wait! I am excited to see Ryan and to meet all the guys he has been in school with and to go to a ball once more!

Bragging once again, here is Ryan's class graduation picture from his first school... where he graduated with honors and the second highest GPA in the school. And earned another NAM (Navy Achievement Medal) for his leadership. I may be bursting with pride. Just a smidge.

And of course I made a wish. Or four. Did you?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, You're hair looks great! I hope you have a great time in CALI!

  2. You're hair looks awesome! I really like it. And a huge congrats to your hubbie...what an achievement!!

  3. Oh Twentynine Palms! Good to see there are more Electronics Guys on the rising. My Marine has been through schooling twice there and also earned highest gpa in class both times. Yay for Sexy Marines who know what they're doing!

    Im your newest followered.



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